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  • Bikram Yoga Woodbridge
    Designed to provide an accessible challenge for students of all skill and fitness levels, Bikram Hot Yoga of Virginia's classes foster physical and mental growth while systematically targeting organ systems throughout the body. Each 90-minute session consists of a standard sequence of two breathing exercises and 26 standing and seated asanas, which use deep, sustained stretches to improve strength, endurance, and flexibility and to refocus thoughts on mind-body connections instead of using brainpower to remember the names of all the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. The other defining characteristic of these classes is the relatively intense environment within the practice space: 105 degrees?110 degrees with 40% humidity. This heat loosens tense muscle?allowing students to safely sink further into each stretch?and increases revitalizing circulation throughout the body. Although the heat is intended to be a challenge, Bikram Hot Yoga of Virginia does everything it can to ensure visitors' comfort by using modern technology to control the room's environment. A computer system monitors the temperature and humidity levels, making small adjustments when necessary, and it prevents the space from becoming stale by routinely pumping fresh oxygen into the room. Additionally, the ventilation system features ultraviolet sterilizers, which protect the space by killing any bacteria, mold spores, or sentient dust bunnies lingering in the air.
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    5497 Mapledale Plaza
    Woodbridge, VA US
  • My BodyMoveZ Health and Wellness Studio
    Hatha vinyasa flow. Pure power. Candlelight restorative. These are but a few of the many yoga styles made available to guests at My BodYoga. The studio's classes cater to a range of fitness desires and clientele, including kids, families, and fans of The Beatles, who can partake in Wednesday evening classes set to the tunes of the fab four rather than recordings of insect swarms. But the offerings at My BodYoga aren't limited to just yoga classes. The studio also provides massage and facial treatments that make use of NeriumAD anti-aging products.
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    2570 Dynasty Loop
    Woodbridge, VA US

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