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  • Health & Harmony Massage and Wellness Center
    Heather Soss isn't just licensed to massage?she also boasts national certification, fluency in reiki techniques, and a membership with the American Massage Therapy Association. With these tools in her belt, she mends muscles and fosters personal growth. Before Heather opened her own studio, she immersed herself in the spa industry and spent two years working at a massage school. With that experience, she founded Health & Harmony Massage and Wellness Center, a peaceful retreat surrounded by a bike-path-equipped patch of nature, where clients can relinquish anxiety and heal. Her team of licensed and trained therapists continues their education to bolster their menu of techniques, which includes Swedish, deep-tissue, and prenatal massage. While their nimble fingers knead sinews with Somasilk massage cream, the therapists can cover clients' eyes with lavender-eucalyptus eye pillows. The team also furnishes table warmers and heating pads that help loosen gnarly tissues. In addition to releasing calming hormones, such as serotonin and dopamine, massage can reduce cortisol, the hormone responsible for stress and the birth of future terrible NFL Draft picks.
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    2392 Rte. 6
    Brewster, NY US
  • Juice Barre
    Every ingredient that goes into the drinks and caf? fare at Juice Barre is given a lengthy consideration. That's because the staff wants to ensure that the results are both healthy and palate pleasing. The dishes include sandwiches, with the spicy and refreshing flavors of fresh vegetables mixing with the earthy, nutty notes provided by scoops of creamy hummus. Smoothies can be just as easy, with citrusy and sweet fruits paired together. What is harder, though, is creating the perfect balance of flavors in the house's signature raw, organic juices. Chefs blend sweeter juices from carrots with health-fortifying juices from greens to create a range of options good for daily refreshment or a full seven-day detox. For those going the detox route, staff fill vintage-looking milk bottles with six daily juices that help cleanse the system and ensure you eat more different colors in the day than your snooty neighbor, Todd.
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    16 P T Barnum Square
    Bethel, CT US
  • Mi Therapy Spa
    When Maggie Wang came to the United States, she quickly hit the ground running as she pursued a career in the art of massage. After training with the Academy of Health and Beauty, passing the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork exam, and becoming licensed in the state of Connecticut, she opened up Mi Therapy Spa. There, she doles out eight different types of massages, two types of facials, in addition to rendering waxing services. Soft music plays during each treatment, and Maggie prefers to use cream as an aid during her massages. She finds that this allows her to maintain a better connection with muscles and, unlike oil, doesn't stain clothes or attract feral loaves of Italian bread.
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    4B Elizabeth Street
    Bethel, CT US
  • Vibrosaun Healing & Wellness Center
    Vibrosaun Healing & Wellness Center's technicians have taken to calling their signature treatment the "Miracle Machine," and it's not hard to see why. Without depending on drugs or surgery, the machine promotes healthy body functions and may help treat conditions as diverse as back pain, arthritis, and weight loss. Its secret lies in pairing the heat of a dry sauna with the rhythmic motions of a padded vibrating bed. Together, these work to stimulate circulation—a crucial process that allows the body to heal more quickly and effectively. It doesn't hurt that the Vibrosaun experience is so relaxing. Treatments can be enjoyed in a private spa room complete with music, candlelight, and the warm glow of Himalayan salt lamps.
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    2435 Route 6
    Brewster, NY US
  • Michael Baier Bodywork & Healing Therapies
    Michael Baier has been a full-time practitioner of the healing arts since 1999, and though he has been through certification programs and apprenticeships, he considers his hands-on experience his most valuable training. With more than 7,000 client sessions beneath his belt, he offers in-depth bodywork sessions, performing Thai yoga bodywork and traditional Thai massage to promote deep relaxation while relieving tensions. Michael brings a friendly demeanor to his work, and helps his clients improve the quality of their life through stress reduction therapy and energy healing treatments.
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    120 Carol St.
    Danbury, CT US
  • Hypnosis by Denise
    Certified hypnotherapist Denise was once in her clients' shoes, on the receiving end of hypnotherapy. It was Denise's own personal success with the practice that led her to become a hypnotherapist herself, using hypnotherapy to help clients lose weight, quit smoking, and correct other habits detrimental to their physical and emotional well-being. In addition to hypnotherapy, Denise also offers services such as guided meditation, reiki, and past-life regression.
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    3661A Pleasant Ridge Rd.
    Wingdale, NY US

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