Liposuction in East Brunswick, NJ

One, Three, or Six Lipo-Laser Treatments at Laser Center and Spa (Up to 75% Off)

Laser Center and Spa

East Brunswick

Light-Lipo treatments employ low-level laser to stimulate the body’s natural process for shrinking adipose cells

$299 $79

Lipo-Laser and Whole Body Vibration at Da Vinci Beauty & Wellness Center (Up to 91% Off). 4 Options Available.

DaVinci Beauty & Wellness Center

Willow Point Plaza

Lipo-laser shrinks fat cells and lessens the appearance of stretch marks and cellulite on the abdomen, thighs, love handles & upper arms

$165 $37

Laser-Lipo with Whole-Body Vibration Sessions at HealthSource of West Windsor, NJ (Up to 93% Off). Three Options

HealthSource of West Windsor, NJ

HealthSource of West Windsor

A noninvasive laser shrinks fat cells on problem areas such as the hips, abs, and thighs; whole-body vibration assist with fat burning

$350 $39

One, Three, or Six Laser Lipo Treatments w/ Whole-Body Vibration at The Slim Co of Eatontown, NJ (Up to 89% Off)

The Slim Co of Eatontown, NJ


Clients sculpt physiques with non-invasive treatment that utilizes laser like energy to eliminate fat, boosted by body vibration

$275 $39

4, 8, or 10 Ultrasonic-Cavitation Liposuction Treatments at Elite Body Care, Inc (Up to 64% Off)

Elite Body Care

Elite Body Care

During the noninvasive treatment, fat deposits are broken down and cellulite may be eradicated

$236 $95

Laser Sculpting Treatments at UltraSlim (Up to 79% Off)


Multiple Locations

Noninvasive laser treatments minimize localized fat deposits without discomfort or downtime

$495 $106

One, Three, or Six Noninvasive Waist-Slimming Sessions at Monmouth Pain and Rehabilitation (Up to 87% Off)

Monmouth Pain and Rehabilitation

Monmouth Pain and Rehabilitation

Waists are effortlessly slimmed with noninvasive red-light therapy that requires no downtime

$395 $59

One, Three, or Six Laser-Lipo Treatments and Whole Body Vibration Sessions at The Slim Co (Up to 91% Off)

The Slim Co of Brick NJ


Clients sculpt physiques with noninvasive treatment that utilizes laser like energy to eliminate fat, boosted by body vibration

$350 $39

4, 8, or 10 Lipo-Light Treatments at Beauty and Youth Salon and Spa (Up to 94% Off)

Beauty and Youth Salon and Spa

Greenwich Village

Heated laser pads stimulate energy release and liquefy fat cells in selected body areas.

$1,580 $95

1, 3, or 5 Body-Shaping and Skin-Tightening Sessions (Up to 65% Off)

Energy Balance Laser Therapy & Massage


Technicians non-invasively sculpt and shape common problem areas, working to minimize cellulite, reduce inches, and tighten skin

$199 $85

One, Three, or Six Lipo-Light Pro Body-Contouring Sessions at Jersey Shore Lipo Light (Up to 83% Off)

Jersey Shore Lipo Light


Lipo-Light pads emit LED and heat energy to noninvasively flush fat cells released through the body’s lymphatic system

$280 $49

One, Three, or Six Laser Lipo treatments at The European Skin Care Center at the City Spa (Up to 91% Off)

The European Skin Care Center at the City Spa

New York

Laser lipo treatments break up stubborn fat cells to help shrink problem areas without invasive procedures

$250 $35

Three, Six, or Nine Sessions of Lipo Laser at Athena Spa (Up to 65% Off)

Athena Spa

Dongan Hills

Lasers shrink fat cells to help the body metabolize hard-to-get-rid-of fat deposits and slim down trouble areas

$240 $99

One, Two, or Three Lipo-Light Fat Reduction Treatments at Lavenvelle Spa (Up to 69% Off)

Lavenvelle Spa

Flatiron District

LED light shrinks fat cells in your choice of area, including the thighs, chin, love handles, or abdomen

$199 $75

Two, Four, or Eight Laser-Sculpt Lipo Treatments at BodySure Aesthetics (Up to 94% Off)

BodySure Aesthetics


Technicians target fat cells with advanced laser body-shaping technology that can sculpt bodies for a slimmer appearance

$1,000 $79

1, 3, or 6 Laser-Like Lipo Sessions w/ Whole-Body Vibration at LipoLight by Dr. D'Angelo (Up to 83% Off)

Laser Lipo by Dr. D'Angelo


Laser-Like Lipo sessions, aided by whole-body-vibration sessions, slim, shape, and tone physiques

$249 $49

Two, Four, or Eight Lipo-Light Slimming Treatments at Lipo-Light Weight Loss of Toms River (75% Off)

Lipo-Light Weight Loss of Toms River

Toms River

Targeted heat and light from LED diodes stimulate fat cells, freeing fatty acids from the membranes; contents are naturally expelled by body

$400 $99

Two, Four, or Six Non-Invasive Laser-Lipo Treatments at Aroma Stone Day Spa (Up to 87% Off)

Aroma stone Day Spa

Aroma Stone Day Spa

In a non-invasive alternative to liposuction, lasers are used to liquify fat cells in your body before an expert surgeon drains them away

$350 $59

6, 9, or 12 Lipo-Light Body-Contouring Sessions at Healthway Aesthetics (Up to 78% Off)

Healthway Aesthetics

Multiple Locations

30-minute noninvasive LED light treatments help minimize localized fat deposits without discomfort or downtime

$900 $239

Up to 50% Off Cavi-Lipo Teatments at Body Beautiful by Cavi-Lipo

Body Beautiful by Cavi-Lipo


Noninvasive low-frequency sound waves target localized fat deposits during ultrasonic-cavitation lipo treatments

$199 $99

SmartLipo Treatment on a Small or Large Area at Laser Touch Aesthetics (Up to 52% Off)

Laser Touch Aesthetics

Multiple Locations

SmartLipo technology helps dissolve stubborn fat deposits for a firmer physique

$3,600 $1,799

Laser Liposuction Treatment at Derma Laser Center (Up to 73% Off)

Derma Laser Center

Multiple Locations

After treating the area with local anesthetic, licensed physician removes unwanted fat from the body and uses laser tech to tighten skin

$3,500 $999

$1,499 for a Cynosure SmartLipo Laser Slimming Treatment on a Large Area at Dr. Park Avenue ($3,500 Value)

Dr. Park Avenue

Multiple Locations

Noninvasive Cynosure SmartLipo TriPlex laser treatments help dissolve fat deposits

$3,500 $1,499

$1,399 for One Osyris Laser Liposuction Treatment at Dr. Park Avenue ($3,200 Value)

Dr. Park Avenue


Along with healthy diet & lifestyle, laser lipo treatments can minimize bulges & the appearance of cellulite, creating slimmer silhouettes

$3,200 $1,399

Liposuction with Local or General Anesthesia at NYC Lipo Center (Up to 73% Off)

NYC Lipo Center

Multiple Locations

Licensed physicians use local or general anesthesia before performing liposuction on areas such as the chin, bra line, or love handles

$3,500 $998

4, 8, or 10 Ultrasonic-Cavitation Liposuction Treatments at Spa Jolie (Up to 93% Off)

Spa Jolie

Spa Jolie

Ultrasound treatment targets specific areas to noninvasively reduce fat tissue and cellulite

$996 $125

Four Ultrasonic Cavitation Liposuction Treatments at Studio A Salon ($1,500 Value)

Studio A Salon

Journal Square

Ultrasound vibrations rupture fat cells in specific areas, allowing the body to easily burn and flush excess lipids

$1,500 $99

Three, Six, or Nine Nonsurgical Liposuction Ultrasound Cavitation Treatments at Cosmed Laser Spa (Up to 84% Off)

Cosmed Laser Spa

Herald Square

Noninvasive low-frequency sound waves target localized fat deposits

$500 $79

One, Three, Six, or Eight Ultrasound Cavitation Treatments at Laser Center and Spa (Up to 74% Off)

Laser Center and Spa

East Brunswick

Ultrasound-cavitation treatments disrupt fat cells in the stomach, hips, or thighs, helping patients shed inches and cellulite

$199 $69

Two or Three Spider Vein and Sclerotherapy Treatments from Inga Friedman (Up to 67% Off)

Inga Friedman

East Brunswick

Trained staff use advanced technology to absorb spider veins back into the skin and reduce the appearance of varicose veins

$450 $149

Select Local Merchants

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    It's about time you see the medical professionals at Academic Dermatology and Laser in East Brunswick. Say goodbye to pesky frown lines and crows feet with an injection from this clinic. Acne treatment, chemical peel, and IPL are just some of the skin care treatments that Academic Dermatology and Laser has to offer. Don't let your health get worse. Treat your symptoms with a medical service from Academic Dermatology and Laser, such as physicals. The staff at Academic Dermatology and Laser understands that hair removal can be discomforting and that's why they offer a range of quick, pain-free services. Schedule a routine check-up with a doctor at Academic Dermatology and Laser and keep your body healthy.
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  • Contemporary Plastic Surgery Central Jersey
    Contemporary Plastic Surgery, helmed by Dr. Robert A. Herbstman, balances the aesthetic needs of clients with a mix of traditional cosmetic surgery, non-invasive procedures, and top-notch skincare programs. An experienced on-staff aesthetician evaluates each client's skincare needs before designing an individualized and customized regimen. Certified staffers transform bodies through both surgical procedures and noninvasive med-spa services, such as microdermabrasion, which employs a diamond-studded wand to exfoliate layers and stimulate cellular growth.
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  • Joanna L Partridge
    The surgeons at North Brunswick's Joanna L Partridge are more than welcome to help you customize a cosmetic surgery. Say goodbye to dry skin and ache with a professional skin treatment, such as facial peels and spider vein removal. Battling crows feet? Head into this clinic for an effective and painless beauty injection. Reduce unwanted hair growth with a painless hair removal remedy, such as laser hair removal. When you aren't feeling well, the staff at this facility is here to assist you with all your medical needs. Cosmetic surgery is a change toward the life you want.
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  • Gregory Borah
    Planning your first cosmetic surgery? The surgeons at Gregory Borah in New Brunswick are here to assist you. Tired of relying on at-home remedies? Try a professional injection for your beauty and skin enhancement needs. Improving your skin can do wonders for your look. Take advantage of Gregory Borah's skin treatments like chemical peel and spider vein removal. The surgeons at Gregory Borah are experienced professionals who love to bring their patients' visions to life.
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  • Plastic Surgery Arts
    New Brunswick's Plastic Surgery Arts provides a comprehensive range of quality cosmetic surgeries. For painless injections that work beauty wonders, head to this clinic. Plastic Surgery Arts also offers a wide variety of skin care treatments, including chemical peel, IPL, and microdermabrasion. Plastic Surgery Arts' doctors know how important each and every patient's procedure is, and their commitment to their work shows.
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  • Vein Medic (Prev SoHo Vein and Vascular)
    Signature Service: Minimally invasive vein treatments Brands Used: Electrocoagulation (VeinGogh) that close blood vessels Established: 1987 Reservations/Appointments: Required Handicap Accessible: Yes Staff Size: 2–10 people Minimum Age Requirement: 18 According to Vein Medic, an estimated one in four people suffer from some form of leg-vein disorder during their lives. These varicose and spider veins can be painful, and even if they aren't, they can make people feel uncomfortable with their appearance. So Vein Medic's physicians, including board-certified Dr. Michael Kassouf, who has been eradicating unwanted veins for more than 25 years, fight them with a variety of treatments. Two of the most popular treatments include sclerotherapy and endovenus laser therapy. During sclerotherapy treatments, doctors inject the unwanted veins with an FDA-approved sclerosing solution, which causes the veins to collapse, die, and eventually fade from view. Endovenus laser treatments also collapse veins, though they require a laser fiber to be inserted into the vein. Both minimally invasive treatments can help patients feel more confident walking around in public in shorts, dresses, and figure-skating costumes in a few weeks.
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