In a place where there are some of the best beauty schools in the world, one can find some of the most talented stylists. Busy budget fashionistas can get their locks trimmed at one of New York City’s many walk-in beauty shops, while others will put their names on a waiting list so they can get a color and cut from one of the most famous stylists in the world. The diversity and wide array of New York City hair salons makes it easy for anyone to find their perfect match, regardless of personal style philosophy.

Stylists at the West Village’s Whittemore House take color very seriously. Patrons are escorted to the back station where their color is examined and then perfected under the natural light that shines in from above. Those “in the know” enter Ion Studio speakeasy-style through its only entrance in the back of a SoHo building. An award-winning salon, Ion Studio provides high-end styles with a focus on sustainability. Although it has a vibe of exclusivity and has served celebrities and major fashion players, Ion Studio’s prices are relatively affordable. Those who need great style on a budget get their cuts from beauty salons like PANYC, Hair Mates, and Astor Place Hair Designers, while adventurous folks allow students to practice on their tresses at a cosmetology school, such as the Aveda Institute. Many beauty salons also have makeup artists on staff, but New York City also has many cosmetologists who will make house calls (or hotel calls) to deliver their makeup and tanning services.

With so many beautification options and top-notch stylists, there really is no excuse to be less than perfectly coiffed in NYC. For convenience, find a salon that offers hairstyling, tanning, and manicures. For absolute perfection, seek out the “best of the best” in each category. Style is a personal choice, and the choices are plentiful in New York City.

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