Nail Salons in and near New York City, NY

With 8.5 million people in New York City, that’s 17 million hands, which is more than enough business for the 2,000+ nail salons working to polish those digits. That means if you’re in a manicure emergency, the trouble isn’t finding a New York nail salon, it’ll be making sure you’ve found a great one. For that, you’ll need to think about the kind of nail care you need. Want a traditional mani? French tips? A gel manicure? Some lovin’ for your tootsies? Whatever you’re looking for, we can not only help you find it, but make sure you score a great deal, too. Check out some of our favorite New York nail salon deals below.

Best Manicure

Vada Spa | 387 6th Ave.


Vada Spa does a lot for one place; as a full-service spa, they can tackle everything from couples massages to hair removal to body contouring and fat removal! But we think you should definitely take a look at their nail-salon offerings. With more than two dozen different types and packages available on their nail menu, you’ll be sure to find something that’s right for you. Shellac mani-pedis use UV3 technology to provide chip-free, long-lasting color. Glue manicures apply a layer of resin to the nails before adding polish to help extend the life of the manicure. But we think their coolest offering is the chrome mirror-powder manicure, which uses a special powder to give nails a stunning metallic-looking finish. Still not enough? Choose any combination of 10 add-ons from reflexology to cuticle treatment to make your manicure extra luxurious.

The First New York Nail Salon

Mrs. Cobb’s Manicure Parlors | W. 23rd St.


If you head over to W. 23rd St. you won’t find any sign of Mrs. Cobb’s Manicure Parlors, but that’s because the shop first opened all the way back in 1878. It’s thought to be not just the first nail salon in New York, but the first one in America, and it was opened by entrepreneur Mary Cobb. Cobb is said to have brought the modern manicure to both the US and Britain. As part of her work, she developed red and pink nail “enamel” to give manicures—which were previously more about polishing and clean up—a bit of color. With the help of her husband’s business, she also invented the emory board, which might just make her one of the single most important figures in manicure history! No wonder she was an early role model for the likes of Mary Kay and Elizabeth Arden.

Best Classic Pedicure

Tribeca Beauty Spa | 8 Harrison St.


Throughout the spa, aromas from various body treatments waft through the air. One may be able to smell sweet scents from a brown sugar scrub or from a dessert therapy treatment that coats the skin in a yogurt-and-honey spread. Relaxing aromas come from custom-blended essential oils in the aromatherapy massage, while a refreshing hint of peppermint drifts from the skin of those receiving the very minty body scrub and massage combo.


Smell is just one of the five senses the staff of Tribeca Beauty Spa takes into consideration. Inside one of seven treatment rooms in their 4,000-square-foot facility, aestheticians strive for visual splendor by removing dirt and oil from pores. Within the pedicure/manicure oasis, nail technicians shape and polish nails and can add such treatments as a salt glow foot rub, warm towels, and a moisturizing massage—bringing the sense of touch into the mix. Downstairs in the relaxation lounge, meanwhile, the staff welcomes robe-and-slipper-clad clients into a cedar sauna that helps them relax and detoxify before or after treatments. This sauna actually sounds like the most relaxing noise of all—silence.

The Best Pedicure in New York

Dr. Krista Archer | 870 5th Ave.

Pedicures are often thought of as a great, easy, and affordable way to treat yourself. For $20 or $30, you can plop down in a chair, put your feet up, and take a break. But with Dr. Krista Archer, it’s about more than just relaxation. She’s a licensed podiatrist that specializes in medical pedicures. That means the pros handling your feet aren’t just trained to make them look good, they’ll make sure they look healthy. Dr. Archer personally trains all of her technicians and has them use her own line of doctor-certified products. Her 45-minute sessions include Himalayan sea salt soaks, callus treatments, and (of course) all sterilized equipment. The only thing that’ll throw a damper in your regularly pedicure routine is the price tag. These doc-approved treatments run nearly double what most pedicures cost at $85 a pop!

Best Mani-Pedis in New York

Kamila’s Skin Care | 219A E 89th St.


Kamila’s Skin Care might be known, as the name suggests, for their facials, but that’s far from all they offer. Customers rave about their mani-pedis, particularly the Shellac manicures. The techs’ careful attention to detail and cheerful demeanor put clients at ease while they get to work trimming nails, taking care of cuticles, and applying coats of UV-activated Shellac polish that’ll last up to two weeks! Customers in need of a little extra relaxation can tack on a reflexology foot massage.