The Lexington-Fayette guide describes Lexington as a safe city with crime rates below the national average, making it the perfect place for residents to enjoy. In 2005, Lexington was rated one of the top five safest cities in the United States, so locals can feel comfortable whether they live in, work in, or just want to explore the city.

Lexington-Fayette things to do include a wide variety of equestrian sports. This area was home to the 2010 World Equestrian Games, and it has a long association with horse riding and racing. Kentucky is known for the Kentucky Derby, which many people enjoy and look forward to each year. Thousands of people come to Keeneland to see the horse races, which occur annually, and those who love horses can also purchase thoroughbreds at Lexington's annual horse sale.

Lexington-Fayette isn't all about horses, though, and has plenty of deals and things to do. There are more than 120 shops scattered around the area, and Lexington Center has shops that specifically cater to those who are interested in Kentucky-specific goods. Nearby, the Lexington Convention Center has activities year round, and the Rupp Arena offers sporting events that draw in crowds of excited fans.

For modern comfort with a Victorian twist, Victorian Square features a block of renovated historical buildings on West Main Street. There are 16 buildings with historical architecture and a classic look that have been modernized, and they contain a wide range of shops.

For those looking to get away from the city, Raven Run Nature Sanctuary has 350 acres of forest, creeks, meadows, and wildflowers. Hiking trails let people roam through acres of geological landmarks, so for outdoor lovers, this nature sanctuary provides a break from the city and full immersion in nature. It is one of the favorites in this Lexington-Fayette guide.

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