Things To Do With Kids in Minneapolis

Whether you’re from the Twin Cities area or visiting with your family, you’ll find so many things to do in Minneapolis with kids, no matter their ages. And on Groupon, savvy parents save time and money by creating an itinerary with great deals on family activities. Let us show you some things to do in Minneapolis with kids.

Camp Spotlight: Complete Equestrian Company

Summer break is most kids’ favorite time of the year. But that’s not always so for parents, because figuring out what to do with their brood for those long summer months can be stressful. But instead of bringing your kid into work to do your filing, try sending them to summer camp. One of our favorites is Complete Equestrian Company in Lakeville, MN, where kids learn discipline and empathy as they bond with horses. Read more about exciting summer camps here.


Catch a Baseball Game in Minneapolis

According to our editors, Minneapolis has one of the best baseball stadiums in the country. Target Field boasts the skyline as a glittering backdrop, and on chilly nights patrons can warm themselves on the right field bonfire. Besides that, there’s the food! Chef Andrew Zimmern hosts his own eatery right in the park, and for visitors eager to dig into some Minnesotan classics, they can find cheese curds and hot dish as well.

And if it’s your family’s first—or fifteenth—time at a baseball game, you could probably use our tips on how to survive one with kids.

Pro Tip

To avoid the crowds, visit the more popular tourist attractions as early as you can muster.

Editor’s Pick: Como Park Zoo & Conservatory

If you’re craving the nostalgia of a melted plastic sculpture, head to the conservatory in St. Paul for a Mold-A-Rama souvenir.

Indoor Water Parks

Kids love to splash around, whether they’re just chilling in the lazy river or clambering up to the top of the highest, wildest water slide. Our editors have picked Bloomington’s Water Park of America as one of the country’s best indoor water parks. Why?

  • It’s the country’s tallest indoor water park.
  • On the Flowrider slide, riders fly by at up to 30 miles per hour.
  • The Eagle’s Nest slide rises five stories above the park.

But surviving a water park with kids can be tough, so we’ve got some tips for you:

  • Get goggles—not only do they keep chlorine out, but they protect peepers from errant kicks or flailing.
  • If you’ve got little kids, get to the park as early as possible, for a quieter, chiller visit.
  • Older kids might prefer to get to the park later in the day, when little ones are napping, so they don’t have to worry about navigating around them.

Pro Tip

To save even more cash, check out some of Minneapolis’ free museums, such as the Minneapolis Institute of Art, which has artwork that dates back 40,000 years and has been gathered from all over the world. On the second Sunday of the month, families can take part in a hands-on art tutorial.

Read more about this museum and other free museums.

Spotlight: The Crayola Experience at The Mall of America

Just outside the city in Bloomington dwells the behemoth of all shopping centers: the Mall of America. No visit to Minneapolis can be complete without a trip there, which can take up all day—let alone all week—before you explore every nook and cranny. Both kids and grownups can explore the way the famed crayons are made at The Crayola Experience right in the Mall of America. Some of the exhibits and attractions include:

  • Crayon Factory: In a live theater show, the resident “crayonologist” crafts a batch of Crayola crayons, right before your eyes.
  • Drip Art: Watch as crayons are melted and drip into the form of a swirling work of art.
  • Modeling Madness: Kids craft a sculpture with modeling clay.
  • The Ultimate Coloring Station: While the 64-color box might be every kid’s dream, here they’ll choose from thousands of colors to create their own masterpiece.
  • Wrap It!: Here kids can wrap their own crayon and have it imprinted with a name, either their own or that of their favorite concert pianist.


What Kids Can Learn After School

Parents can quickly become overwhelmed by all the options for their kids. How does a parent choose the right activity? We’re here to help, with some tips on what certain classes might teach your little one.

Fitness and sports classes: Kids will develop skills in teamwork, coordination, self-discipline, and exercise, whether it’s a team sport, such as basketball, or an individual one, such as gymnastics.

Performing arts classes: Empathy and emotional intelligence, teamwork, public presentation, and practice habits are just some of the abilities they’ll hone, as they take music, dance, or acting.

Creative arts classes: Kids develop creativity, follow-through, and design skills during classes in drawing, painting, or photography.

Coding and computer classes: These classes help kids build skills such as critical thinking, digital literacy, and patience—whether they’re coding or building robots.

We’ve got more tips on how to choose an after-school program for your child.