Paintball in Mukilteo

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  • Doodlebug Sportz
    Defending a castle wall against attackers sounds like a medieval pastime, but at DoodleBug Sportz’s outdoor paintball field in Snohomish, it remains an immediate concern. Armed with semiautomatic or electronic paintball markers, two teams battle over the wall, darting among manmade bunkers, or retiring behind the wall to shoot through its crenelations. Referees patrol the field, ensuring fair play, and the bunker layout changes weekly to keep games feeling fresh. Though DoodleBug Sportz offers rentals, players also can purchase their own gear from a company shop, stocked with paintball guns and key accessories for the sport, such as second paintbrush guns.
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    3303 McDougall Avenue
    Everett, WA US
  • Arlington Zombie Paintball Experience
    That gray bus idling on the road might look ordinary, until you notice the grates covering the windows. Those are there to protect riders from the evil that will soon surround them?namely, the undead. Luckily this bus, a main attraction at Arlington Zombie Paintball Experience, is already equipped with paintball markers for riders to blast away the lurching hordes of zombies or second-wave victims of the Beatlemania epidemic. Once the bus reaches the forest, though, zombie hunters must travel by foot as they roam 30 acres of land swarming with the infected.
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    17022 Burn Rd.
    Arlington, WA US
  • Northwest Paintball Park
    We are a family oriented 32 acre outdoor paintball park. "First Time Players" who need rental equipment and coaching is our specialty. Once you get to the park, you just follow us and we do all the work A great staff of highly entertaining referees give you a safety brief and explain each game before it begins.
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    368 NE Waaga Way
    Bremerton, WA US
  • Paintball International
    As a conglomerate of paintball facilities, Paintball Tickets offers many distinct destinations for chromatic outdoor combat. Some fields, such as Splat Zone Paintball in Louisiana, challenge players to find adequate cover in an arena littered with creative obstacles. In Massachusetts, PnL Paintball thrusts players into a realistic Ghost Town, comprised of churches, multilevel buildings, and stone walls. Meanwhile, trees, leaves, stacked wood, and foliage inside K.C. Crusaders offer players all-natural hiding places from which they can spring forth to surprise their rivals or remain undetected while they determine the color palette they will use to paint Water Lilies on the surrounding bunkers.
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    9600 115th Avenue Southeast
    Snohomish, WA US
  • Eastside Zombie Experience
    There haven't been many places to prepare for the impending zombie apocalypse?until now. Once night falls at Eastside Zombie Experience, the training begins. An experienced guide leads aspiring zombie hunters through 20 wooded acres, which have been deliberately populated by the infected. These "walkers" blindly lurch through the forest, moaning and groaning, with a taste for one thing: human brains. The zombie hunters take aim with their BB-loaded airsoft guns in order to prevent themselves from becoming a zombie's tasty lunch or cool new mask. But even though the zombies aren't armed, hunters must be prepared to be hit with friendly fire, which is otherwise known as ouch-who-hit-me fire.
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    16320 High Bridge Road
    Monroe, WA US
  • Eastside Paintball
    With a face hidden by a full mask and goggles, a player peeks out from behind a tree. In an unguarded moment, her opponent has stepped away from the bunker that had been giving him cover. She takes the opportunity to splatter him with brightly colored paint, then raises her marker in victory. As they do battle, teams roam across four separate fields lined with tall trees and stone obstacles sprawled over 10 acres. Staff members ensure safe play and that no one tries to fill their guns with hot sauce, and can call in to one of the surrounding pizza places for delivery.
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    16320 High Bridge Rd
    Monroe, WA US

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