A Seattle massage is a great way to ease sore muscles acquired from a long bike ride or an intense day of skiing at Crystal Mountain, to treat an injury, or simply to de-stress from a busy and active life. The city is full of excellent spots to meet various massage needs, from clinics designed to provide therapy for traumatized muscles to urban retreats that focus as much on the spiritual aspects of massage as the physical aspects.

For Seattle massage therapy intended to treat medical problems, there are a number of great options throughout the city. Innerconnection Therapeutic Massage in Queen Anne is particularly adept at treating serious back problems, and Nina Edgerton is the professional to turn to for a lymphatic drainage massage that will alleviate discomfort associated with a variety of immune disorders. Eastsiders with back and neck pain often depend on the chiropractic massages of South Bellevue Chiropractic & Massage to get them feeling well again.

In addition to receiving massages as part of medical treatment, many Seattleites also partake of them for relaxation purposes and to ameliorate minor pain and discomfort. The Seattle Massage Oasis in Westlake is one particularly well-regarded clinic for therapeutic massage, while The Massage Sanctuary on Capitol Hill is known for addressing spiritual aches as successfully as physical ones.

The active nature of Seattle’s residents means that there are a fair number of sports-related injuries to treat, in addition to the usual ailments that affect people. Although it has a relatively relaxed atmosphere for a big city, living and working in Seattle is not without its stresses. A good massage can provide the antidote to many an ailment experienced by Seattleites, be it physical, emotional, or mental. Whether it’s a medical massage or an all-around wellness massage, Seattle is full of highly skilled massage therapists who successfully treat their patients.

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