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Massage in Seattle

Seattle gets an average of more than 200 days of rain per year, and if all that rain is getting you down, you definitely need to find a way to treat yourself. Why not start by looking for the best massage in Seattle? Having a practiced therapist get to work on all your aches and knots it the perfect way to relax and give your body some TLC. But where can you get a quality massage? Seattle studios and centers are scattered all over the Emerald City and can specialize in everything from deep-tissue massages to a couples massage. Seattle has it all. But to help you narrow it down, check out a few of our faves below:

Best Massages in Seattle


We took a look at where you can find the best massage in Seattle; here’s which salons made the cut.


Elaia Spa at Olive 8

Elaia Spa stands out as an eco-friendly spa that specializes in using not just organic, but locally sourced products in all of their treatments. We recommend the holistic massage, which is customized to your specific needs.


Ananya Spa Seattle

A full-service spa, Ananya was named one of the best spas in the country by Shape magazine. Shape recommends their Thai table massage, which uses traditional Thai techniques to loosen muscles.


Dreamclinic Massage

With four clinics in the Seattle area, it’s easy to find a spot to get a high-quality massage. Choose from 10 different types of massage to guarantee you’ll find one feeling like a happy bowl of jelly afterward.


Recoop Spa

The Zoe Report named Recoop one of the top spas in America two years in a row and it’s easy to see why. It’s ultra modern, hip, and full of top-notch massage treatments including lymph movement massage and lomi lomi.


Little Red Day Spa

This Industrial District spa specializes in couples massages with cool perks including classes and getaways. Learn more about Little Red Day Spa with our short profile below!

The Little Red Day Spa | 3200 Airport Way South Bldg. 12


At The Little Red Day Spa, couples or individuals pick one of the spa's four themed suites, where sumptuous textiles and low light immerse them in an otherworldly sense of peace. Once ensconced, they enjoy a side-by-side or individual massage performed by professional, highly-trained therapists.


Before or after their services, guests are able to enjoy the suite on their own terms, which can mean anything from savoring snacks and wine brought from home or take a relaxing candlelit soak in the glow of gilded lanterns; or if you are feeling a bit whimsical, there are body paints and mud to get creative with. Whether they choose the Art Suite or the second-level Sky Suite or the Moroccan suite, which includes a massive copper pedestal tub in its master bathroom, guests are treated to a reflective, memory-making experience that is both relaxing and therapeutic.


What Is a Couples Massage & What to Expect

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Know Before You Go


To prepare you for your next couples massage, we wanted to answer one of the most common questions:


Do we each have to get the same treatment?


Nope! As with a solo session, couples massages should still include personalized consultations with the massage therapists. It’s totally normal to have individual wants and needs for your therapy session so if you just want to relax and nap during a Swedish massage while your partner wants the intense, deep kneads of a deep-tissue massage that’s no problem.


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Penelope and The Beauty Bar | 411 University St.


Located inside the Fairmont Olympic Hotel, Penelope and The Beauty Bar is regularly recognized as one of the top spas in the city. Best of Western Washington and Seattle magazine have both called out the spa for its soothing relaxation room and it’s stellar services which range from non-surgical anti-aging procedures to makeup application and (of course) massages. For extra pampering, go for the 110-minute massage, which combines elements of Swedish, deep-tissue, and sports massage. Customers rave about the spa, giving it a 5-star rating. See what a few of them had to say:


“This is my favorite spa in the city! Been going here for over 4 years now and it’s always a good experience.” – Marisa R.


“Scheduling an appointment is always quick and easy. The entire staff is extremely friendly and courteous.” – Christine P.

“The spa itself is my favorite in town, tranquil, stylish, and the best at making me feel special!” – Kathryn S.

Types of Massage


Learn a little more about a few of the more unusual types of massage with our handy definitions below:



  • Reflexology: a specialized form of foot massage, during which, practitioners stimulate precise points on the feet that are believed to correlate to other organs and bodily systems
  • Thai massage: also known as "yoga massage," typically sees the practitioner performing a series of intense stretches on a fully-clothed client
  • Shiatsu: Japanese style of massage rooted in Chinese medicine, shiatsu massage aims to eliminate blockages that keep the body's energy force, or Qi, from flowing freely; therapists use elbows, knees, and even feet to perform massage


Want to learn more about the types of massage? Check out the full article above or click here.


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