Despite its reputation as a casual city, the fact that a quality Seattle day spa can be found in almost any of the city’s neighborhoods tells a different story about its residents. Whether it is a facial, a manicure, a massage, or a new hairstyle, Seattle is full of skilled personal care professionals who provide these services at the highest level of excellence and reasonable prices.

There are many salons in Seattle, such as the Dandelion Salon, that can execute the latest hairstyles with ease. Most salon estheticians perform their work in an environment with a beautiful decor and a friendly demeanor, which helps ameliorate any discomfort commonly associated with such personal maintenance practices as waxing.

Since the city embraces the work hard, play hard philosophy, Seattle massage therapists, such as Gina at Ballard’s Ruby Massage, are available to melt away both tension from working and aches from playing. An inviting environment, scented oils, and massage therapists who know how to read a body contribute to the wellness of patients at Ruby and other locales, like BodyGood Massage Therapy in Columbia City.

The insouciance towards personal appearance that prevailed in the city in the 90s is a thing of the past. These days, a great many Seattle hair salons have their patrons looking their absolute best. A flood of compliments generally follows a visit to cutting-edge places like Intermezzo Salon in Queen Anne and the Cristy Carner Salon in Fremont.

Seattle is home to a much higher number of great personal care service providers than the city’s reputation lets on. Moreover, the friendliness for which the city is noted means that these personal services are delivered without the slightest hint of pretentiousness. After all, an esthetician’s friendly demeanor can do as much to put a smile on a patron’s face as a gleaming manicure can.

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