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Restaurants in Seattle

From Pike Place Market to outstanding Japanese food to the Seattle Dog (with cream cheese!), Seattle offers a world-class foodie experience for visitors and locals alike. The heartbeat of that scene is the top Seattle restaurants, which strike a balance between staying true to traditions and inventing new and exciting culinary creations. To navigate this dining scene (great both for eating out and food delivery) scroll down to get our picks for the best Seattle restaurants, the top foods to try at Pike Place, and much more.

The 4 Best Restaurants in Seattle

When in doubt, it never hurts to try the best. If you’re searching for a good meal in the Emerald City, start here—our picks for the 4 best restaurants in Seattle.

  • The Wandering Goose: The Southern-style breakfast/lunch spot will wow you with its fried chicken and its biscuit sandwiches.
  • Armandino’s Salumi: This cured-meat sandwich shop is a delight for meat lovers—while salami is a focus, there’s also guanciale, pancetta, and coppa.
  • The London Plane: Part-bakery, part-flower shop, The London Plane transforms into a romantic, charming restaurant at night. Try the Japanese squash.
  • The Pink Door: A mainstay in the Pike Place area, The Pink Door offers whimsical meals with a side of entertainment—on Sundays and Mondays there is a trapeze show.

Spotlight On: Lunchbox Laboratory

See our Lunchbox Laboratory deal.


One customer after another says a similar refrain about Lunchbox Laboratory: it reminds them of their childhood. They’re likely referring to the retro lunchboxes that make up the restaurant’s decor—these range from vintage Star Wars boxes to even older Peanuts editions. Of course, they could also be referring to the food: quirky-fun experimental burgers, like the James West Junior (BBQ, bacon, and Guajillo cream cheese on a brioche bun), paired with old-fashioned shakes . . . which can be made boozy if you like.


See what actual customers have to say about Lunchbox Laboratory


The food is amazing. It was quick. The server was knowledgeable and patient with my kids when ordering. The ambiance is such a time warp to all my childhood days. – Leah M.


Being from another state, we were looking forward to a lunch stop at Lunchbox Laboratory. Wow, what a great meal and great experience. I grew up with some of the early lunch boxes they display in the restaurant.  . . . I wish we could go here on a regular basis, but rest assured, every time we visit Seattle we will go again. – Rick B.

Burgers were very good but service went beyond my expectations. Staff was able to accommodate my rush request in a courteous and understanding manner. – Gordon S.


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Best Downtown Seattle Restaurants

Seattle is a city of many neighborhoods—West Seattle, Fremont, and Queen Anne are all worth visiting. But chances are good that you’ll eventually find yourself searching for a meal in downtown Seattle. Restaurants here run the gamut from quick bites to exquisite five-course meals. Here are a few of our favorites:



Spotlight On: Himalayan Sherpa House

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With a name like “Himalayan Sherpa House,” you might expect the owners to have some ties to the Himalayan regions of Nepal, India, and Bhutan. Well, it goes far beyond that: the restaurant’s head chef, Ang Sherpa, has actually climbed Mt. Everest 10 times, and without the aid of extra oxygen. The Seattle Times writes, “With that kind of stamina, cooking in a restaurant kitchen should be no sweat.” Taste the region’s delectable—and sometimes very spicy—dishes, including the lentil-soup-based dal bhat, the tender lamb vindaloo, and Tibet dumplings.


See what actual customers have to say about Himalayan Sherpa House


Excellent food, excellent service. For the full experience try the combination plate. I did because it all looked so good I could not make up my mind. Great choice! – Gregory F.


Outstanding service! . . . My friend ordered the Lamb Himalayan Noodles, with the most tender lamb I’ve ever tasted. Heavenly. Really loved the decor as well, was actually very similar to the maps and themes of my room :) – connie.trettin

Wonderful food. Not heavy or greasy. Flavors bright and yummy. Great service. Scrumptious rice pudding perfect ending to a delicious meal. – Robert S.


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Best of Pike Place Market


America has a number of great foodie destinations—neighborhoods in New Orleans, Chicago, and New York come to mind—but Seattle might have the most famous of them all: Pike Place Market. The iconic marketplace, which dates back to 1907, has grown into a full-fledged food experience, with bakeries, wine bars, sandwich shops, and, of course, fishermen tossing the day’s catch. Here are our favorite things to try at Pike Place:



  • The Crumpet Shop: Have an afternoon tea and pair it with the quintessential griddled British treat, a crumpet, at this colorful cafe.
  • Piroshky Piroshky: Not sure what a “piroskhy” is? It’s a Russian puff pastry with filling, and this might be the best place to try one outside of Russia itself.
  • Beecher’s Handmade Cheese: Even if you can’t eat cheese, this place is worth a stop merely for the cheesemaking show they put on daily.


  • Pike Place Chowder: For a steaming-hot lunch, this seafood-soup joint offers lip-smacking New England clam chowder and exquisite lobster bisque.

Spotlight On: FlyCaster Brewing Co.

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Few afternoon activities seem as bucolic and peaceful as sitting down next to a meandering stream or river, casting a line, and enjoying a beer while waiting to catch a fish. That’s the inspiration behind FlyCaster Brewing Co. Some breweries make beers to pair with food, FlyCaster brews beers to pair with fly fishing. Try the Hazy Day IPA or a Bonefish Blonde for a drink that perfectly complements a lovely afternoon.


See what actual customers have to say about FlyCaster Brewing Co.


Awesome beer! Awesome service! Awesome comrades to enjoy Saturday afternoon drink and conversation with” – Pamela W.


Great community hangout. Beer is delicious and always on point. Quiet place for locals to hang and chat, read, or play one of the many board games on hand. Dog and kid friendly. Staff is friendlier. – Kyle C.

We had such a fun experience and even played bingo with everyone there. For hours new people continued to come in. Beer great and what a fun Groupon! – Debra


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