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Restaurants in New Jersey

“Where should we go for dinner?” In New Jersey, the sheer number of great restaurants makes this question both easy and difficult to answer, depending on your perspective. Some of the best restaurants in NJ are not necessarily of the white tablecloth variety—and the best restaurants in NJ run the gamut from locally sourced cuisine to dishes inspired from across the globe. Read on for some of our favorites.

Restaurants in Morristown, NJ

South + Pine American Eatery

Chef Leia Gaccione has returned to share her culinary skills with her hometown. Dishes to try include spinach tonnarelli made with local crab and crispy artichokes, and the pork chop with goat cheese potatoes.

The Committed Pig

A self-proclaimed burger and pancake house, this eatery specializes in casual, yet carefully crafted dishes. Burgers get topped with fried pickles, bacon chipotle mayo, and even mac and cheese. Meanwhile, pancakes get the breakfast treatment, being infused with chocolate chip cookies or made from red velvet batter.

Olive Lucy’s Kitchen Table

The menu gives Italian food a Portuguese spin, as exemplified in Benny’s Portuguese Chorizo and Clams, which is served over capellini with a white wine sauce.

Chef Fredy’s Table

Here the kitchen does a modern take on classic dishes, like rolling salmon fillets in a pistachio crust, and vegan eggplant dish with black rice.

Guerriero's Ristorante

Chef Jack Guerriero’s dishes are inspired by his grandparents’ cooking. Diners dig into Neopolitan classics, such as spaghetti carbonara and homemade ravioli, against of backdrop of murals depicting an Italian landscape.

Spotlight on Pure Pita of Morristown

This casual eatery fuses together Middle East and the American West, with cheese-stuffed falafel bombs and burgers doused in feta dip and drizzled with sriracha yogurt. But while the eatery also does California-style fish tacos (crowned with hummus and lime juice), customers clamor for the rice and quinoa bowls.


Try It: Rice and Quinoa Bowls

While diners can dig into prescribed bowls, such as the za’atar salmon bowl, filled with pilaf, moroccan carrots, and goat cheese; or the hummus bowl, which features arugula and pickled turnips for a little bite, they’ll love customizing their own meal with the build-your-own bowls. Here’s a sampling of the ingredients they can pile atop their rice or quinoa:



  • Protein: beet falafel, chicken shawarma, za’atar seasoned salmon
  • Veggies: pickled red onion, roasted garbanzo beans, moroccan cabbage slaw
  • Mezze: hummus, babaganoush, tzatziki


Dressings: tahini, red pepper vinaigrette, garlic aioli

Restaurants in Princeton, NJ


Penang Malaysian & Thai Cuisine

The menu here is vast, spanning more than 100 selections, drawing together dishes from China, Malaysia, and Thailand.


Blue Point Grill

Situated just next door to its sister establishment, Nassau Street Seafood & Produce Company, this eatery specializes in dishes made from super-fresh seafood, such as lump crab cakes, and a rotating selection of oysters on ice.


Agricola Eatery

Produce just plucked from the restaurant’s own farm—and other neighboring farms—form the basis for this menu of modern American fare. Diners can also book a tour of the farm followed by a seated dinner with wine pairings.


La Mezzaluna

Situated in downtown Princeton, this eatery focuses on a modern take on classic Italian dishes made with seasonal and local ingredients. Start with pumpkin ravioli, move on to a pappardelle with smoked salmon, then branzino atop mushroom risotto, and wrap things up with traditional tiramisu.

Spotlight On: Hurry Chutney

Fragrant ginger, piquant chiles, fresh tomatoes—these are just some of the authentic ingredients the chefs at Hurry Chutney employ in crafting traditional Indian cuisine. When diners are indecisive, they can opt for the buffet, which presents them with a vast selection of dishes, from spicy biryanis to rich curries. For a sampling of dishes you might find, read on:


Punchporan Paneer Tikka

These vegetarian kebabs are threaded with paneer, an Indian cottage cheese, and then sprinkled with toasted spices before going into a clay oven.


Chicken Tikka Masala

For this, one of the most popular Indian dishes, chefs simmer chicken in a fragrant tomato-based sauce; try scooping this up with the eatery’s housemade garlic naan.


Lamb Biryani

Lamb marinated in rich spices lies atop a bed of mixed rice and veggies.

Restaurants in Montclair, NJ


Antika Grill

In his Mediterranean eatery, Chef Ghazal crafts filet mignon shish kabobs and grilled salmon—and has created a wide range of gluten free appetizers and entrees.


Montclair Farms

From ingredients mostly sourced onsite, the kitchen crafts fresh-squeezed juices and smoothies, hefty sandwiches, and salads friendly for all kinds of diets, including paleo, vegan, and gluten free.


B London

Authentic British fare, such as fish and chips and shepherd’s pie, served alongside American classics.



With the sourdough flatbread injera as the best utensil, diners scoop up fragrant and spicy Ethiopian dishes, such as the tibs, lamb, chicken or seafood simmered in a sauce made with garlic and parsley

Spotlight on Taste of Philippines

Though 8,200 miles lie between the Philippines and West Africa, at Taste of Philippines, diners can bring their dishes within mere inches of one another. Here are two dishes that you won’t want to miss at this unusual eatery.



  • West African: palm butter chicken, okra stew, and on Saturdays and Sundays only, the traditional fufu and soup
  • Filipino: barbecue pork on a stick, the sweet sausage known as longanisa, crispy pata, and delicious fried pork knuckle