Rolfing in Oregon

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  • Michael Valenti, B.A., Certified Rolfer
    To understand Rolfing, it’s helpful to examine Ida P. Rolf’s founding philosophy on the subject: “As in all matter organized into biological units, there is a pattern, an order in human bodies. Rolfers make a life study of relating bodies and their fields to the earth and its gravity.” While certified Rolfer Michael Valenti holds this notion dear, his bodywork approach is more direct. By manually lengthening the connective tissue through kneading techniques, Michael hopes to ease his clients’ chronic tension, improve range of motion, and make them all tall enough to reach the cookie jar.
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    1011 East Burnside Street
    Portland, OR US
  • Rolfing Salem
    Aaron Meiggs grew up on a farm outside Independence, Oregon, where he had ample opportunity to work with his hands, an opportunity he loved. Then one day, a severe car accident left his lifestyle in ruin. On good days, Aaron was uncomfortable; the bad days were excruciating. It was only through a therapeutic process called Rolfing structural integration that Aaron's functionality was restored. Rolfing mitigates trauma in connective tissues to help align the body and ease chronic tension. Now Aaron has found a new use for his hands, healing others out of his own Rolfing studio.
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    2301 Banyonwood ave NW
    Salem, OR US
  • Maureen McClenon Sacon
    Maureen McClenon Sacon is excited to treat your medical needs with alternative medicine in Gresham. Maureen McClenon Sacon's acupuncture service is a gentle way to alleviate stress, aches and pains. Ease your sore and tense muscles with a relaxing and pain-free massage from this clinic. When you're seeking medical care, such as medical checkups, this medical facility is here for you. To accommodate your busy schedule, this clinic offers an appointment-only policy so none of your time is wasted. At Maureen McClenon Sacon, you can pay with Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express or any other major credit card. With a parking lot adjacent to Maureen McClenon Sacon, you won't get stuck circling the block. The care you receive at Maureen McClenon Sacon is second to none, so remember it at those times when you're not feeling your best.
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    22400 SE Stark St
    Gresham, OR US
  • Rolfing With Martha Pfleeger
    Everyone deserves a day filled with bliss and pampering. At Rolfing With Martha Pfleeger in Portland, you can find just that. Reduce stress and eliminate pain with one of the offered massages, such as deep tissue and Swedish. Rolfing With Martha Pfleeger offers a plethora of beauty services such as make up application, but that's just the tip of their offerings. If you need help with stubborn hairs, you'll want to make an appointment at Rolfing With Martha Pfleeger for one of their famous waxing, laser hair removal, electrolysis, and epilation. Find the best alternative service to suit your needs, such as physiotherapy, at this spa. Don't wait until the last minute to attend to your needs. This spa's services are only available by appointment. The amenities here may be worth a million bucks, but the prices are rather reasonable. This establishment offers guests a wide selection of payment options, including paying with a major credit card. At Rolfing With Martha Pfleeger, you can easily find parking in the lot next door. If you need to work out some kinks in your body, give Rolfing With Martha Pfleeger a call and schedule an appointment.
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    7409 SW Capitol Hwy
    Portland, OR US
  • Vital Health and Wellness
    Spend a day relaxing with your friends and family at Portland's Vital Health and Wellness, a day spa that caters to both men and women. Opt for one of the spa's massages and banish all your stress. Keep your mind and body healthy with the efficient and beneficial medical treatments and services offered at Vital Health and Wellness. If you're experiencing pain or stress, you should check out acupuncture for your healing needs. This spa in Portland can only accommodate guests with pre-scheduled appointments. Vital Health and Wellness may feature high prices, but it also takes luxury spa services to a whole other level. At Vital Health and Wellness, you can quickly and safely pay with any major credit card. Vital Health and Wellness offers multiple street parking options nearby for customers. When you're in dire need of pain relief assistance, the chiropractors at Vital Health and Wellness have you covered.
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    6018 SE Stark St
    Portland, OR US