Acupuncture in Peoria, AZ

Consultation and One or Three Acupuncture Sessions at Acupuncture ​by Rachelle (Up to 55% Off)

Acupuncture ​by Rachelle

Multiple Locations

Licensed acupuncturist helps treat pain, allergies, stress, and other maladies with a natural, ancient technique

$90 $45

1 or 3 Acupuncture Treatments with Evaluation at Room for Health: A Community Acupuncture Clinic (Up to 70% Off)

Room For Health A Community Acupuncture Clinic

Camelback East

Acupuncturists consult with clients to assess individual needs then insert hair-thin needles into the body’s meridians to treat conditions

$50 $25

One or Three Acupuncture Treatments at True Acupuncture Phoenix AZ (Up to 71% Off)

True Acupuncture


Acupuncturist uses sterilized single-use needles to treat conditions such as chronic pain, infertility, and headaches

$120 $36

$30 for $99 Worth of Acupuncture — ACCHM



From the merchant: Best acupuncture clinic treat pain, allergies,stress, bloating, constipation and migraines.

$99 $30

An Acupuncture Treatment at Ruinard Natural Health Center (70% Off)

Ruinard Natural Health Center

Ruinard Natural Health Center

From the merchant: Treats pain, allergies, stress, bloating, constipation, migraines, etc.

$80 $24

An Acupuncture Treatment at True Acupuncture Phoenix AZ (70% Off)

True Acupuncture


From the merchant: An acupuncture session is a pleasant ending to a tough day, rejuvenate, heal and reduce your aches and pains.

$120 $36

One or Three Acupuncture Sessions with Mini Massage at Harter Acupuncture Center (Up to 64% Off)

Harter Acupuncture Center

Harter Acupuncture Center

Treat pain, allergies, stress, and other maladies with a natural, ancient technique

$75 $35

One or Three 60-Minute Acupuncture Sessions at Vitality Natural Health Care (Up to 70% Off)

Vitality Natural Health Care


Specialists treat pain, allergies, stress, and other maladies with a natural, ancient technique

$100 $39

Acupuncture or Chiropractic Sessions or 50-Minute Massage at LifeStyle Chiropractic Centers (Up to 88% Off)

LifeStyle Chiropractic Centers

LifeStyle Chiropractic Centers

Acupuncture or chiropractic adjustment with hot/cold packs, and ultrasound or traction treatments if needed; 50-minute massage eases tension

$140 $17

One or Three Acupuncture Sessions with Initial Consultation at Zen Medicinals (Up to 77% Off)

Zen Medicinals Acupuncture & Herbs

Downtown Scottsdale

Acupuncturist inserts stainless steel needles into specific points of the body to help clear energy and reduce pain

$150 $34

One or Three 30-Minute Acupuncture Consultations and Treatments at Alpha Chiropractic & Physical Therapy (Up to 64% Off)

Alpha Chiropractic & Physical Therapy


Acupuncturists treat concerns such as chronic pain, symptoms of arthritis, and anxiety

$100 $39

One or Two 30-Minute Massage and 30-Minute Acupuncture Treatments at Dolphin Spirit Therapies(Up to 52% Off)

Dolphin Spirit Therapies

South Scottsdale

Relaxation package cantarget muscles, tendons, or other connective tissue as well as organ and lymphatic systems

$79 $39

$26 for $85 Worth of Acupuncture — Charles Harn Acupuncture

Charles Harn Acupuncture


From the merchant: Acupuncture from the Heart. Kind, gentle, loving and personal care.

$85 $26

One or Three Acupuncture Sessions at Community Acupuncture on Mill (Up to 67% Off)

Community Acupuncture on Mill

Downtown Tempe

Experienced acupuncturists help clients alleviate chronic pains and heal from injuries

$40 $19

$60 for $90 Worth of Acupuncture — Internal Balance Acupuncture LLC

Internal Balance Acupuncture LLC

Sun City

From the merchant: Acupuncture balances the body for healing from pain, allergies, stress, and much more for total Mind-Body healing.

$90 $60

Up to 50% Off Acupuncture at Casa Grande Community Acupuncture

Casa Grande Community Acupuncture

Casa Grande Community Acupuncture

From the merchant: Dr. Backaric gives relief to over 2000 conditions with affordable acupuncture.

$130 $65

$40 for a Comprehensive Acupuncture In-Take and Treatment at San Tan Natural Medicine ($90 Value)

San Tan Natural Medicine


Your Physician, trained in Chinese Medicine will evaluate your particular needs and create a custom protocol to help you feel great.

$90 $40

Bioscan Allergy Assessment, Acupuncture Treatment, or Both at Elements Natural Therapy (Up to 59% Off)

Elements Natural Therapy

Camelback East

Acupuncture aims to alleviate aches and pains across the body or be paired with Bioscan allergy assessment in hopes of quelling reactions

$75 $31

$74 for a Two-Visit Acupuncture Package Including Cupping at QuiescentCare Acupuncture ($170 Value)

Quiescent Care Acupuncture

Oasis Neighborhood

Acupuncture paired with cupping to help manage pain and other ailments

$170 $74

One 90-Minute Acupuncture Session with Consultation at Heart 2 Heart Radiant Reflexions Wellness ($120 Value)

Heart 2 Heart Radiant Reflexions Wellness


Licensed Acupuncturist with 6 years experience in private practice; Bachleor’s Degree-PreMed, Master’s in Acupuncture & Herbal Medicine.

$120 $48

One or Three Acupuncture Sessions at Alivia Acupuncture Clinic (Up to 72% Off)

Alivia Acupuncture Clinic

South Scottsdale

Treat pain, allergies, stress, and other maladies with a natural, ancient technique

$90 $35

An Acupuncture Treatment at Rainer Fischer Nd (74% Off)

Rainer Fischer ND

Paradise Valley

From the merchant: Includes traditional pulse diagnosis, tongue diagnosis and original Chinese Acupuncture treatment

$152 $40

Three Acupuncture Treatments and an Initial Consultation at Desert Health Specialists (65% Off)

Desert Health Specialists


From the merchant: Acupuncture treatments bring balance and natural relief of pain and stress.

$250 $88

An Acupuncture Treatment and an Initial Consultation at True Life Center of Natural Health & Integrative Medicine (72% Off)

True Life Center of Natural Health & Integrative Medicine


From the merchant: Licensed practitioner treats pain, allergies, stress, addiction, and much more with time-tested acupuncture.

$175 $49

Acupuncture Treatments atFind Your Chi Acupuncture (Up to 51% Off). Four Options Available.

Find Your Chi Acupuncture

Downtown Scottsdale

Licensed Acupuncturist Darin Zimmerman aims to assuage all manner of ailments through precisely placed needles

$105 $52

Fat-Burning, B12, or B-Complex Injections at Hope Diabetes of Gilbert and Lifestyle Center (Up to 82% Off)

Hope Diabetes of Gilbert and Lifestyle Center

Gilbert Medical/dental Center

Dr. Laurel Hess injects formulas designed to boost energy and rev up the metabolism

$168 $30

Two, Three, Four Spinal Decompressions with Massages at Gilbert Chiropractic Clinic (Up to 92% Off)

Gilbert Chiropractic Clinic

Val Vista Towne Center

Licensed doctor of chiropractic Michael Abromovitz helps alleviate pain from bulging disks; massage therapist alleviates it from muscles

$350 $35

Permanent Makeup at The Natural Detox and Healing Center (Up to 60% Off). Four Options Available.

The Natural Detox and Healing Center

Gilbert Medical/dental Center

Technicians apply permanent pigment to the lids or brows to create a long-lasting, smudge-proof look

$65 $30

Acupuncture Sessions or Weight-Loss Acupuncture Sessions at Health For Life Naturopathic Medicine (Up to 68% Off)

Health For Life Naturopathic Medicine

Paradise Ranchitos

Acupuncture helps patients overcome a wide range of maladies and stimulates weight-loss; B12 injections enhance the weight-loss effect

$165 $52

Two or Four Chiropractic Adjustments and 30-Minute Massages at Gilbert Chiropractic Clinic (Up to 82% Off)

Gilbert Chiropractic Clinic

Val Vista Towne Center

Licensed chiropractor Michael Abromovitz helps alleviate pain from adjusting spines; massage therapist alleviates it from muscles

$150 $30

Select Local Merchants

  • Thomas Robert Martin
    Spend your well-needed day off at Peoria's Peoria Chiropractic, a relaxing day spa. Escape the hustle and bustle of your day and head to this spa for a relaxing massage. Treat your mind, body, and spirit to an acupuncture service from Peoria Chiropractic and leave feeling stress-free. No appointment, no problem. This modern beauty establishment happily accepts walk-in customers. There's no better place to spend your day off than at Peoria Chiropractic so book your spa treatment today.
    Read More
    Peoria, AZ US
  • Bell Medical Services PC
    Your health means business. When traditional medicine can't treat your needs, stop by the alternative medical practice at Peoria's Bell Medical Services PC. Seeking a medical remedy? Check out the acupuncture services at Bell Medical Services PC. The doctors at Bell Medical Services PC are ready to help solve your problems. Give them a call today.
    Read More
    Peoria, AZ US
  • Bodhi Tree Acupuncture
    Jill Kismet sees the body as an ecosystem. When consulting with patients, the licensed acupuncturist applies principles of pattern recognition developed during her 10-year career as an ecologist. She looks to each patient's medical history, lifestyle, and consumption of charcoal for anything that might disturb the body's delicate equilibrium. Working with acupuncture and herbal remedies, she applies her whole-body approach to the treatment of anxiety, depression, and chronic stress. She also relaxes and rejuvenates the face with a cosmetic acupuncture modality called mei zen. At Bodhi Tree Acupuncture, Kismet cultivates a calming environment. She uses sterilized, single-use needles for all treatments, planting them along the skin as ambient music plays. Herbal eye pads soothe eyes tired from watching the sky for killer birds, and a selection of artisanal green teas from Teance awaits clients after each session.
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    Glendale, AZ US
  • Phoenix Community Acupuncture
    In addition to studying acupuncture and oriental medicine at two American schools, Phoenix Community Acupuncture’s Mayo Mercedes Wardle traveled to China, where she attended the Heilongjiang University of Chinese Medicine. Wardle is a licensed and certified acupuncturist and a member of the People’s Organization of Community Acupuncture, a co-op that provides affordable treatment. In keeping with the co-op’s philosophy, Wardle opened Phoenix Community Acupuncture, where she treats patients in a shared space. This traditional style of practice ensures patients can get as many acupuncture sessions as they need to improve their health or fulfill their dream of resembling a hedgehog. While she works, Wardle uses gentle Chinese and Japanese acupuncture techniques to treat pain, emotional distress, and fertility issues.
    Read More
    Phoenix, AZ US
  • Blue Serenity Acupuncture
    The licensed acupuncturists at Blue Serenity Acupuncture believe that a body in balance is a healthy and happy body. Their eco-friendly clinic, which is named for a patient's will to heal in a tranquil environment, is a place to find that balance. Patients can be treated for many different conditions, from depression and migraines to digestive issues, infertility, or chronic pain. Using acupuncture, the acupuncturists help redirect the energy flow in the body, and may also harness cupping, Gua Sha, or Tui Na massage to help move Qi energy more smoothly. And before beginning any treatments, the staff perform an initial health assessment on each patient, and may prescribe Chinese herbs to help them along their journey to wellness.
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    Phoenix, AZ US
  • Shea Wellness Group
    At Shea Wellness Group, Medical Director Dr. Jacqueline Poulos and the team of dedicated and caring providers search for natural, personalized healthcare solutions. Dr. Poulos practices natural family healthcare, which includes hormone balancing, allergy elimination, detox programs, and nutritional IVs. Rounding out the staff are health educator Larry Hellman, ARPwave technician, Rose Strickland, licensed massage therapists, and friendly first contact Nancy Wukitsch. They administer services such as acupuncture, massages, and weight-loss programs, addressing each client's concerns while encouraging the body's healing abilities. -
    Read More
    Phoenix, AZ US

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