Nail Salons in and near Philadelphia, PA

If you love visiting nails salons, Philadelphia has a lot to offer. After all, this is a city of 1.5 million people, which adds up to roughly 30 million fingers and toes (give or take), all in need of the occasional file and polish to keep them looking their best. But with so many great nail spas to choose from, how do you know which are the best nail salons in Philadelphia? Easy: we know and we’ve put them all here in our guide to nail salons, Philadelphia edition!

How to Make a Manicure Last:


  • Moisturize: Apply a hand cream with vitamin E, once a day before bed.
  • Curb cuticle growth: After moisturizing, gently push cuticles back with an orange stick.
  • Wear gloves: Cold weather leads to dryness, which leads to chipped nails. Help lock in moisture by covering hands in winter.
  • Soak: Right before moisturizing, soak hands in warm (not hot) water, with a bit of salt mixed in.

Pro tip: If you have weak, brittle nails, make certain you’re eating a balanced diet rich in vitamin E, calcium, and vitamin D, all of which help promote healthy, strong nails.

Nail Etiquette 101: Dos and Don’ts for Your Mani-Pedi


  • Don’t: Trim nails before a pedicure. The techs will take care of it!
  • Do: Tip before the polish goes on. That way, you won’t smudge them when digging though your purse
  • Don’t: Worry about shaving your legs. Techs swear they don’t even notice!
  • Do: Plan on staying at the salon for at least 15 minutes after your polish. That way, the techs can quickly fix any chips or smudges that occur.
  • Don’t: Talk on your cell phone during your mani-pedi. It disturbs other clients.
  • Do: Feel free to read or even fall asleep during the service.
  • Don’t: Pick-off no-chip polish yourself.
  • Do: Leave old no-chip polish for the techs to tend to.


Serenity Nails Salon

Location: Avenue of the Arts South


In addition to traditional gel manicures, the techs at Serenity Nails Salon also offer dipping powder manicures. What’s dipping powder? The liquid-free nail coating needs no UV light to cure, and goes on lighter and thinner than gel or acrylic, but with just as even a coat. It also won’t damage nails the way some acrylics can. The notoriously friendly staff are also great at nail art, doling out geometric designs, crystal-enhancements, and other custom looks with aplomb.

Acrylic Nails: What to Expect


Thinking of trying acrylics for the first time? Here’s the step-by-step breakdown of how your appointment will go:


  • Step 1: The tech files, shapes, and cleans the natural nail and pushes down cuticles.
  • Step 2: The tech attaches the nail extension with glue, cuts it to the desired length, and applies the acrylic mixture over everything, using thin coats of the formula to bond the natural and fake nail together. This is the common way to create length.
  • Step 3: The tech buffs the acrylic nail, files it into the final shape, then buffs some more, often using electric files and buffers.
  • Step 4: The tech applies nail polish and a top coat.

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