Losing weight and getting in shape does not require a visit to one of the top Philadelphia doctors because some of the top gyms in the city give locals everything they need to tone their bodies and lose weight. These gyms give customers interested in Philadelphia fitness the chance to take classes, work with a personal trainer, and use state-of-the-art fitness equipment.

One of the best gyms in the city is Old City Ironworks. The gym has two different locations, and anyone who signs up for a membership can visit either of the gyms. While it might look like a traditional gym with some solid equipment, it also offers a wide variety of workout and weight loss classes for members. Members can attend as many classes as they want throughout the year.

Whether a patron desires relaxation or fitness, the 12th Street Gym can help anyone decide on his or her goals and reach those goals. The gym offers classes in weight training, spinning, yoga, and general fitness, which can help members tone and firm any saggy areas of the body. A large sun deck gives members the chance to sunbathe or just exercise outside. Many of the pieces of exercise equipment are movable, which lets members carry weights and other devices to any location they choose. New members can get a free trial pass, and anyone who works or lives in the surrounding neighborhood can get a discount membership.

There's also The Sporting Club at the Bellevue, which a boxing trainer owns and operates. He offers his services as a personal trainer, but he also provides dozens of machines and fun classes for those who prefer exercising without a one-on-one trainer.

Those interested in Philadelphia fitness can work with a personal trainer, take aerobics and cardio classes, or try one of the newest exercise machines. Getting in shape and improving health is easy thanks to the top gyms and fitness centers in Philadelphia.

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