Entertainment in Santa Rosa

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  • California Ballroom
    California Ballroom not only teaches dancers how to move with elegance and grace, but to also feel comfortable and confident on the dance floor. In Latin, swing, ballroom classes, singles or couples learn the basic techniques that allow them to follow the music and, over time, add the kind of personal touch that turns dancing into a form of self expression. Engaged pairs can also rely on California Ballroom to get ready for their first wedding dance.
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    1667 West Steele Lane
    Santa Rosa, CA US
  • World of Stereo (Petaluma)
    It's easy to sum up World of Stereo's wares in seven words: everything you need for a dance party. The electronics shop emphasizes DJ gear such as headphones and mixing equipment from brands such as American DJ, Furman, and Odyssey.?Their special effects lighting, meanwhile, runs the gamut from disco balls to laser lights so that no one ever has to stage a salsa contest in the dark again. Want to go the extra mile and record your own dance party soundtrack? World of Stereo covers production needs, too, with a vast array of microphones and recording software.
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    159 Petaluma Blvd
    Petaluma, CA US
  • Art Social San Francisco
    During three-hour classes at Art Social, instructors strive to foster an environment as lively as the paintings that inspire them. At various restaurants, wine bars, or galleries across the Bay Area, students begin the evening chatting with classmates against the backdrop of soft music and clinking wine glasses. Once students have settled into their personal painting stations, instructors delve into history, context, and scratch 'n' sniff features of the evening's chosen painting, which has included works such as Gustav Klimt's The Kiss or Van Gogh's Starry Night. Step-by-step instruction ensures students of all levels take home a personal masterpiece, whether it is a replica of the painting being taught or the bowls of fruit that haunt the student's mind.
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    71 Broadway Boulevard
    Fairfax, CA US
  • Driven Raceway
    The striped barriers hugging the edges of Driven Raceway?s winding track quickly mutate into a black-and-red blur as emission-free electric go-karts zoom around it at speeds of up to 45 mph. Though the vehicles' superb cornering and speedy acceleration respond swiftly to their drivers' actions, the staff also mans electronic controls that can override their commands, minimizing the risk of colliding karts and clashing radio stations. Off the track, the center maintains the racing theme, peppering the mini-golf course with cars that glow under black lights and painting checkered-flag lines on each of the bowling alley's lanes.
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    1560 Gateway Blvd.
    Fairfield, CA US
  • Cresco Equipment Rentals
    Cresco Equipment Rentals delivers comprehensive equipment solutions and unprecedented premier service. Contractor to homeowner, large construction project, remodel, facility services, movie production or major event, we?ve got you covered.
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    21 Parr Blvd
    Richmond, CA US
  • California Magic and Dinner Theater
    Join your fellow food critics in applauding some of the tastiest sandwiches, soups, and sides! California Magic and Dinner Theater in Martinez receives top-notch recognition for delicious American cuisine. It's easy to find fare you love at California Magic and Dinner Theater, though fat levels are anything but low. Pull into one of the many parking spaces nearby if you choose to drive to the restaurant. Prices at California Magic and Dinner Theater are moderate — most diners plunk down about $30 per meal.
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    729 Castro Street
    Martinez, CA US