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  • WestTexas-Barbell
    Equipment: Free weights, battling ropes, power rings, heavy bags, bands/chains. Students should bring: Training attire and mouthpiece recommended for Martial Arts classes. Average class length: 30-60 minutes Number of Staff: 1?5 people Class location: Mix of indoor and outdoor classes Established: 2013 Registration required: For memberships only; drop-in classes available for one-day fee Good for beginners: Yes Guests allowed: Yes Parking: Parking lot Q&A with Jamil Saliba, Special Strength Coach Exercise is challenging, and people frequently give up on their fitness routines. How do you keep clients motivated? By keeping things fun ... and straight to the point. Nothing is more motivating than results. I myself get bored quickly, so my training is designed to keep interest levels high, which keeps people working hard. But the key word here is 'routine'. That is why people give up, because routine is boring. Dr. Zatsiorsky states that the response of a biological object to a constant given stimulus decreases over time. Why don't people own 10 of the same shirt? Because it would get boring wearing the same thing daily, working out is no different. Besides working out, what else can clients do to spend their time at your facility? Well, there are two sides to my gym: the working out and the martial arts. Aside from that, during open gym hours clients can pretty much use the place for anything training related. What is a typical session of your program or class like for a student? Warm up, high intensity interval training, special exercises to target lagging muscle groups, cool down. Is there anything else you want to add that we didn't cover? I use interval training to raise overall General Physical Preparedness (GPP), strengthen lagging muscle groups, and burn fat. No cardio machines, no Crossfit, just a scientific approach to strength and fitness.
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    1852 Victory Lane
    Sunland Park, NM US
  • Supreme Assailant
    Chris Pedroza doesn’t understand bicep curls and overhead presses. These fabricated movements, after all, aren’t typically found outside the gym, so Pedroza—owner of and trainer at Supreme Assailant—instead encourages his clients to mimic practical moves, like the ones they perform in everyday life, but with a bit more spirit. His 60-minute training sessions are crash courses in strength and endurance. They combine plyometrics and agility drills with resistance training, creating one intense effort to shed weight and sculpt toned muscles. Exercisers of all shapes, sizes, and ability levels can sign up, from those looking to drop their couch-potato flab to bodybuilders who yearn for a workout that doesn’t require a bright-orange spray tan. No matter what shape a client is in, Pedroza customizes classes to each individual by scaling moves up or down, depending on who performs them.
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    910 Livingston Loop
    Santa Teresa, NM US
  • Sparta Academy MMA
    Though MMA is in its name, the Sparta Academy's curriculum extends well beyond the octagon. The academy caters to both committed fighters and members simply looking to get in better shape with their spread of fitness and combat classes. Instructors teach proper techniques in MMA, boxing, muay thai, and jiujitsu classes, and students pummel the floor with flurries of steps during upbeat Zumba dance workouts.
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    3722 Jefferson Avenue
    El Paso, TX US
  • Sun City CrossFit
    The indoor-outdoor program at Sun City CrossFit features a different workout every day, keeping participants engaged and working new parts of their bodies. Inside the studio, instructors lead groups through intense functional exercises designed to shed maximum pounds in minimal time. Participants work with free weights, machines, and high-intensity movements during each session.
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    1121 Larry Mahan Dr., Suite B
    El Paso, TX US
  • CrossOver Fitness
    CrossOver Fitness is a one-stop shop for sweating off pounds. Trainers lead boot-camp clients through exercises that utilize oversize ropes, barbells, medicine balls, and kettlebells. On select days, workouts are done outside, where people also flip giant tires, pull giant tires from a harness strapped to the back, and use the tires as hula hoops.
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    160 McCutcheon Lane
    El Paso, TX US
  • UFC El Paso
    Within a stimulating and positive environment, UFC Gym members learn boxing, kickboxing and MMA while burning calories, toning up, and building cardio. With unlimited access to the gym and co-ed group classes, all ages and fitness levels are treated to UFC Gym's devotion to providing members with immediate results.
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    3136 Trawood Dr
    El Paso, TX US

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