Paragliding in Tucson Estates

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  • Flying Lizard Paragliding
    The United States Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association–certified instructors at Flying Lizard Paragliding share their passion for riding the wind with students of all abilities. Three levels of lessons cover everything from understanding the equipment to handling unforeseen events in the air.
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    1834 N Desmond Ln.
    Tucson, AZ US
  • Sonora Wings
    facet: Main type: Traditional locale: en_US title: Sonora Wings Hang Gliding facet_type_id: 4257f240-5f38-1032-a84d-fe40a73dc28d html_text: On tandem flights, Sonora Wings Hang Gliding's instructors, who are certified by the United States Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association, take their customers to soaring altitudes, where they glide like birds over Arizona’s Sonoran Desert. The unique vantage point allows for breathtaking views—wild mustangs running through the desert, distant mountains, and red-tailed hawks that soar within a robotic arm's grasp. To reach these heights, hang gliders are towed behind the company's Dragonfly, a small aircraft specifically designed to launch hang gliders. Sonora Wings Hang Gliding's pilots and instructors take off on these adventures from sunrise to sunset, and they can capture each moment on HD video.
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    32500 W Bud Rd
    Maricopa, AZ US
  • Airparamo
    facet: Main type: Traditional locale: en_US title: Airparamo facet_type_id: d19d62e0-5f39-1032-ba5f-131f79d53aed html_text: Before 1998, Maurice Sheldon kept busy as a computer programmer, web technology teacher, and architect. But since his induction into the world of PPG (powered paragliding), "Mo" has won multiple accolades for his skills as a glider pilot, once winning third place at the USPPA national competitions. He endeavored to share his passion for flying above the desert landscapes outside Phoenix by opening Airparamo, a 1,500-square-foot paragliding equipment and instructional facility in Maricopa. He achieved an advanced instructor certification in 2003 and has helped hundreds of pilots learn to navigate solo flights and shoo away advancing rain clouds.
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    33461 W Trading Post Rd.
    Maricopa, AZ US