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Natural Medicine in Vernon, BC

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  • Reiki Kelowna
    Reiki masters Jayne Williams-Aleck and Joan Scott restore their clients’ sense of well-being, reduce stress, and promote relaxation through the Japanese technique. During sessions, individuals lie fully clothed on a treatment table while Jayne and Joan work together, placing their hands on key points of the body, or hovering them above the body. The act is meant to transfer energy, balance the body’s chakras, remove blocks, and help energy flow more naturally. Clients leave feeling refreshed and calm.
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    1379 Orchard Drive
    Kelowna, BC CA
  • Laser Health Centre
    Laser Health Centre's certified beam-wielders lasers in rejuvenating cosmetic procedures, drug-free pain relief, and behavioural-modification regimens for substance abuse and smoking cessation. Staff members customize treatments to suit each patient, and in-office laser therapy may be reinforced by take-home nutritional supplements. An exclusive diet plan paired with laser therapy tackles weight-loss goals, and light-based medicine enhances the mind-soothing stress-relief program.
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    454 Bernard Avenue
    Kelowna, BC CA
  • Okanagan Ayurveda
    Dubbed a sister science of yoga, Ayurveda is an ancient Indian healing practice. It seeks to maintain balance in the body and mind by promoting healthy lifestyle choices and nutrition best suited to the practicer's specific constitution, or dosha, as well as bodywork that recalibrates off-kilter energy levels. Similar to traditional Chinese medicine, it views each person as a whole, and its treatments are customized as such. Okanagan Ayurveda focuses on providing these balancing Ayurvedic treatments, but the center also offers private and semi-private Ayurvedic yoga classes following their health assessment, life coaching, and wellness workshops.
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    4206 Gellatly Road
    West Kelowna, BC CA
  • Ann Carter - Reiki Master
    Though most people would peg her as just another friendly-looking lady with silver hair and glasses, Ann Carter is far more than meets the eye—she heralds herself as a conduit for guidance, answers, and energies sent from a higher power. She’s been tuned in to the metaphysical world for more than three decades, with stints as both a medium and clairvoyant under her enchanted belt. Through arts including reiki, past-life regression, and her own intuitive gifts, she helps her clients find peace, relaxation, and the missing pieces to their spiritual jigsaw puzzles.
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    3480 Carrington Road
    West Kelowna, BC CA
  • BrainWave Harmony
    Tones that sound almost like a woman singing flood the ears, a haunting, magical set of notes that is slowly joined by others that sound like a crooning whale meeting another of its kind. They sound otherworldly, and in a sense, they are, because what you're hearing is the brain conversing with itself. The notes are brainwaves as they are transformed into sound through a software. The brain recognizes the sound waves and responds to them in an effort to correct and optimize brain function. The brain-optimizing process is performed by the neurological experts at BrainWave Harmony, who help clients make the most of their brain through noninvasive optimization sessions. During an initial assessment, they place sensors on the scalp to pick up brain signals and discover what areas of the brain are out of balance. Brain imbalances can cause ailments such as stress, insomnia, and depression, which the technicians attempt to fix with the sound-wave software.
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    659 Victoria Street
    Kamloops, BC CA
  • Anna's Vitamins Plus Ltd
    Grocery shopping shouldn't be a chore and at Anna's Vitamins Plus Ltd in Vernon it isn't. Stop by the store today and have fun picking out new eats. Planning a movie night? Stock up on all of your favorite snacks and munch and crunch all night long. You won't be able to tell the difference with the frozen foods available here for your cuisine convenience. A classic breakfast option, cereal is always good to have on hand. A box is sure to ease everyone's morning appetite without taking too much time off the clock. Everyone wishes they had more time, but when you start shopping the selection of canned foods at Anna's Vitamins Plus Ltd, you actually will have more time because of the food's ease of preparation. Healthy eaters realize the importance of dairy in their diet. Make sure you're getting your fill of Vitamin D with dairy products from Anna's Vitamins Plus Ltd. All the supplies you need to make a craveworthy dessert are here. Eating healthy isn't always easy, but with produce on hand like this it just got easier. Make your own salad dressing in a snap! Oil and vinegar are essential components for a number of common creations, so make sure these guys always have a place in your kitchen. Pick up super fresh fish (and a heck of a lot of nutrients) for your next meal. With a bottle of water in hand, it's easy to refresh and refuel. Grab a couple drinks from Anna's Vitamins Plus Ltd and stay on the go all the time. At Anna's Vitamins Plus Ltd, you can grab some fresh noodles, channel your inner chef and get your cook on. Say goodbye to bland when you select one of their many spices or seasonings. For the meat lover in you, you'll enjoy the offerings of eclectic meats at this place. If you're looking for a great coffee or tea beverage, the team at Anna's Vitamins Plus Ltd will help you out. When you need a quick meal after a long day of work, a TV dinner from here is sure to fill you up in a jiffy. Make sure you always have a variety of beverages on hand, especially during the warmer months. This drink is sure to take care of business. Anna's Vitamins Plus Ltd offers a range of classic and signature breads, all of which are fresh and baked to perfection. If you are making your way over to Anna's Vitamins Plus Ltd, make sure you check out the convenient parking options located nearby. Anna's Vitamins Plus Ltd has everything you need for your pantry, fridge, or freezer, so get to shopping.
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    4400 32 Street
    Vernon, BC CA

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