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Personal Development in White Rock, BC

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  • King George Aviation
    King George Aviation Flight School's squadron of instructors use their decades of combined experience to introduce novice pilots to the skies. Official licensing courses range from navigation and mountain flying to radio procedures or instructor ratings, and their Discovery flights give beginners a taste of the skies while proving to nonbelievers that clouds are, in fact, made of marshmallow. The school also rents its planes to pilots for day trips and sells certain models.
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    4981 King George Boulevard
    Surrey, BC CA
  • Canadian Flight Centre
    Based at Kamloops and Boundary Bay Airport, Canadian Flight Centre has used its fleet of small aircraft to train more than 3,000 professional and recreational pilots since its inception in 1979. After a thorough ground-school education, potential commercial and private fliers hop into planes for flight training. Instructors utilize the region's unique proximity to coastal mountains and the Pacific Ocean to teach specific mountain checkout or water-related flying and instrument skills. They outfit their instructional aircraft with all the controls, instrumentation, and capabilities necessary to imbue industry-standard proficiency.
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    3-4335 Skeena St.
    Delta, BC CA
  • Vikki's Clay Art Studio
    Bisqueware-lined walls and buckets of bright paint await sparks of creativity to bring them into full-colour radiance. At Vikki's Clay Art Studio, artists first select an unfinished piece of pottery or a fused glass project-in-potentia, and then set to work with provided tools, patterns, stencils, and glazes to create their own unique piece. Expert supervision is always on hand as guests decorate pots or piece together cut glass under expert supervision. Once finished, the pieces disappear into the studio's kiln and emerge ready for pickup after about a week. Private parties let crafters socialize over glass or bisque art while testing out ideas for a set of risqué tea saucers on pals first.
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    24330 Fraser Highway
    Langley, BC CA
  • Blackcomb Aviation
    Whether it's the quiet tranquility of an alpine picnic or the adrenaline thrill of high-octane skiing, there are certain emotions that you can't feel anywhere but at a remote mountaintop. But that very remoteness stands in the way of capturing those experiences—unless, of course, you have a helicopter. Blackcomb Aviation specializes in chartered journeys to otherwise inaccessible peaks, opening up a whole world of glacier hiking, sightseeing tours, and mountaintop fishing.
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    9960 Heliport Road
    Whistler, BC CA
  • Academie Duello
    It's a fairly common image from the Middle Ages and from fairy tales: an armoured knight on horseback, riding triumphantly into battle wielding a sword. Today, of course, such a sight would have shocked witnesses almost immediately—unless they're at Academie Duello. A centre for European swordplay and Western martial arts, Academie Duello has revived centuries-old scenes similar to the one above. It teaches students ancient battle techniques, but does not re-enact epic duels or the well-documented silly-string wars that ensued when swords broke. The 5,000-square-foot facility extracts skills and weapon information from authentic combat manuals and primary-source texts. Its instructors turn that knowledge into an in-depth curriculum, which today provides both adult and children's programs. Most of those programs also help students stay fit, as they replace weights and treadmills with longswords, shields, and rapiers. To immerse themselves further into knighthood, students can check out Academie Duello's museum, which preserves an ever-growing collection of weapons of war, armour, and fight books.
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    12320 Number 2 Road
    Richmond, BC CA
  • Flight City Enterprises
    Ever wonder what it's like to fly? Flight City Enterprises gives laypeople the chance to see what it's like to helm a 747 without going through the training, testing, and feather collecting a real pilot does. The Gear Flight City maintains a professional-level flight-training simulator, about which former airline pilots have claimed, "I felt like I was right back in the cockpit." The simulator creates weather situations, such as snow, and random traffic patterns, as well as reproducing operative malfunctions. The Experience After a quick briefing, newbie fliers take the helm alongside their instructor, who shows them every last duty, from preflight to landing. Together, they check gauges and meters before they take the "plane" into the sky, stressing the three major tasks: aviate, navigate, and communicate. Finally, the instructor guides them through an approach and landing, plus final breathing exercises to shake off the stress.
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    6080 Russ Baker Way
    Richmond, BC CA