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  • My Pet's Butler
    Taking a pet to the kennel or veterinarian, be it for a quick grooming or a few days of boarding, can prove highly stressful for cats and dogs, as well as for their well-meaning owners. Seeing an opportunity to help both animals and their human parents, registered veterinary technician Shawn Amerlinck realized his dream of starting a pet-care company that offered in-home services. Amerlinck designed his services around the idea that a busy lifestyle or physical limitations should not prevent a person from experiencing the joys of pet ownership, nor should it limit them to owning only low-maintenance gold fish or pet sloths. Under his care, cats and dogs can experience true pampering with in-home grooming, litter cleaning or walking, prescription-medicine administration (including injections), and pet sitting, and he will even help owners who are away by taking care of household responsibilities such as bringing in the mail or singing lullabies to lonely lawn flamingos. Featured in The Windsor Star for his pet-centric approach, Amerlinck operates on the belief that animals should be "treated like part of the family."
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    3177 Riverside Drive East
    Windsor, ON CA
  • Corbret's Pets
    For nearly half a century, the aisles of Corbret's Pets have echoed with a chorus of contented woofs, meows, and squawks courtesy of the store’s collection of live animals. When the staff isn’t feeding or playing with these critters, they match up customers with all manner of companions and outfit pet owners with the requisite arsenals of food and accessories. Though four-legged beasts, cuddly rodents, and exotic reptiles abound, the store specializes in saltwater fish and aquarium supplies. Clownfish with varying colours and stripe patterns swim in tanks beside mysterious batfish and puffers, which can expand up to 4 inches at the sight of chopsticks. For their part, the fish have plenty of sustenance in the form of food and starter kits that help new aquarium owners cultivate forests of high-protein, vitamin-enriched seaweed.
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    3165 Walker Road
    Windsor, ON CA

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