Yoga in Wixom

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  • The Yoga School of Milford
    Meena Puri was born in India and brought up in a place where yoga was woven into thefabric of the culture. Though she drifted from the practice as she grew older and moved away from home, she eventually stumbled upon a yoga class in America, bringing her life full circle. At the Yoga School of Milford, she and her team promote wellness of the mind and body through an eclectic range of yoga classes. These range from more traditional approaches, such as Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga, to more contemporary styles such as yoga Pilates.
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    520 Highland Ave
    Milford, MI US
  • PureFit Pilates & Yoga
    Emily, the founder of PureFit Pilates & Yoga, describes her relationship with fitness as transformative?she says that studying Pilates and yoga changed not only her body, but also her life. She now wants others to have a chance at that same transformation, so she makes her classes as accessible as possible, no matter her students' fitness level. Though she teaches both Pilates and yoga separately, she also combines her passions into Pilates/Yoga Fusion classes. These sessions usually last an hour, and take place entirely on a yoga mat. Emily blends yoga poses meant to build strength and agility with the focused, core-building moves of Pilates. She fuels the workout with upbeat music, which, according to scientific research, most people prefer to have in their ears over gasoline.
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    313 East Northport Street
    Walled Lake, MI US
  • Pro Martial Arts
    At Pro Martial Arts, chief instructor Michael LaPree—a third-degree black belt—and his staff share the Korean arts of tae kwon do, hapkido, and tang soo do with students of all ages. They guide students from white belt to black belt, helping them with age-appropriate goals such as cultivating scholastic excellence, burning off extra weight, or gaining the leg strength to beat schoolyard rivals at double dutch. They also host karate-themed birthday parties for kids, which include a martial-arts lesson, pizza and soft drinks, and party games. Outside of the increased confidence and athletic prowess granted by their standard combat program, the teachers also host a whole separate series of classes that focuses on assisting kids with issues like bullies or predators. These classes cover topics ranging from how to ask for help from adults and deal with cyberbullying to tips on recognizing strangers and their bad behavior.
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    41430 Grand River Ave.
    Novi, MI US

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