Chatters Salon & Beauty Supply Outlet

1215 Sumas Way Abbotsford, BC V2S 8H2


The skilled tress technicians at Chatters Salon infuse newfound vitality into insipid locks with an array of salon treatments, including a single-process salon colouring using Redken colour. A cup of precolouring coffee or tea keeps pigment-awaiting patrons hydrated in the waiting area as head gardens excitedly prepare to live out their chameleonic dreams. To begin the treatment, a talented shade switcher modifies the colour composition of hair with artful ease. Once hair has been cloaked in rich colour, a shampoo and conditioning treatment expunges lingering tint from strands while an accompanying scalp massage twists stressed-out thought bubbles into pleasing balloon animals. For a coif-pampering finale, a blow-dry whisks away residual moisture, leaving newly toned strands shiny and swinging. As an added bonus, salon-goers receive a full-size salon product with their colouring service.

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