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1600 Triplett Blvd Akron, OH 44306


Amid the uncertainty and complex nature of the aviation industry in the early 2000s, Denise and Mike decided to buck opposition and follow their dreams. The husband-and-wife team kept their dream relatively simple: move to northeast Ohio, secure season tickets for the Indians and Browns, and open up the world of flight to others. They soon took Mike's 35 years experience as an entrepreneur and Denise's time as a commercial pilot and turned it into American Winds Flight Academy. Today, their flight academy preps prospective pilots with FAA-approved ground courses and hands-on instruction in their fleet of Piper and Cessna airplanes and accommodating pterodactyls. The duo's 15-plus flight-training courses and fast-track program include everything from advanced flight-simulator instruction to commercial-pilot certification. Dedicated to assisting veterans on their path to become commercial pilots, American Winds Flight Academy is one of 12 FAA-licensed (Part 141) flight schools in the state of Ohio.

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