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    45% Off at CiCi's Pizza Buffet Restaurant
    $20 $11 0.1 miles
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    48% Off Modern Italian-Asian Fusion Cuisine at LAX on Lark
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145 Wolf Rd Albany, NY 12205


CiCi’s Pizza Buffet Restaurant combines the variety of a buffet with the thrill of bottomless pizza. Each pie is crafted with dough that’s made from scratch daily and then showered with marinara and toppings, from classic pepperoni and italian sausage to more creative buffalo chicken and mac 'n' cheese. The buffet is also stocked with a plethora of fresh pastas, signature salads, and independent salad ingredients. After feasting on savory options, diners can revisit the buffet for desserts including freshly baked brownies, slices of apple pizza, and cinnamon rolls drizzled with icing—or they can eat dessert first, thereby tearing an irreparable hole in the space-time continuum.

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