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    88% Off Hot Yoga at Blissful Spirits
    Multiple Locations
    $180 $21 0.7 miles
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    Up to 78% Off at New Mexico JiuJitsu Academy
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    55% Off
    Alamedan Valley
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    94% Off MetaBody Yoga & Fitness Pass
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    72% Off Kettlebell Classes at Firebellz
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    55% Off
    McLeod Crossing
    $325 $146 3.0 miles
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    Up to 64% Off Membership to Powerflex Gym
    Multiple Locations
    $45 $19 3.2 miles
8414 Jefferson Street Northeast Albuquerque, NM 87113


CedarFIT's trainers, Cedar McCrary and John White, will teach you to find and grow the strong, hard tree within you. Once overweight, McCrary successfully demolished 75 pounds of her own flab and now disseminates her fast, potent method to all who flock to her training center—regardless of age, physical condition, or species. Each day, McCrary will throw down a fresh guerrilla-ambush worth of challenges for your muscles and your brain, fueling constant gains and keeping you engaged. Over the course of a CedarFIT boot-camp session, you'll do strength, cardio, flexibility circuit workouts, and more. As a result, your mind will sharpen, your stress will dissipate, and your metabolism will speed up to the point that it burns calories even at rest and causes nearby newspapers to burst into flames.

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