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3808 Central Avenue Southeast Albuquerque, NM 87108


When she founded Rhythm Dance Company in 2009, Rachel Green flung open the doors of a performance sanctuary. The spacious studio is an all-purpose haven for instructors, students, and socializers with a sense of rhythm, where lessons on everything from hip-hop routines to hula-hoop twirls can grace the calendar. Patrons can also rent out the space for events—the hardwood floors readily support parties, martial-arts meet-ups, and the life-size baking-soda volcanoes of grad-student science fairs.

The company itself specializes in vintage swing, showcasing the lindy hop, Charleston, and jitterbug for learners of all experience levels. Pupils hoping to steadily broaden their rug-cutting repertoire can take progressive lessons from The Rhythm Project, a collective of award-winning teachers that hosts monthly class series and social dances.