My Delicias

206 North Greenville Avenue Allen, TX 75002


Since childhood, My Delicias owner Marie Gonzalez has spent every Christmas in the kitchen. Under the guidance of her sweet-toothed grandmother, she rolled out cookie dough and frosted cakes. She worked slowly and meticulously, anticipating the looks on her family members’ faces upon seeing the season’s batch of treats. Although Ms. Gonzalez’s fans have since expanded beyond her immediate family, the inveterate pastry chef still works with the same diligence and care. She meets with every client for a consultation, discussing his or her interests, tastes, and understanding of the Higgs boson particle before creating an original design for them. Ms. Gonzalez has frosted triple-tiered wedding cakes adorned with peacock feathers and fondant orchids as well as whimsical children’s birthday cakes that resemble pirate ships and castles. She also bakes simpler treats, such as cupcakes, cake balls, and sugar cookies. To ensure her pastries taste as good as they look, Ms. Gonzalez makes everything from scratch, shunning cake mixes and artificial flavors.