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Once the province of only luxury spas and often dismissed as simply an indulgence, massage has since joined the ranks of legitimate, proven pain-management techniques—and Dee Wartenberg thinks that it’s about time. This is because as a licensed massage therapist, she has seen the benefits that medical massage can have on those suffering from pain and injury firsthand. Less a luxury and more an integral means of coping with pain, medical massage entails ultraspecific, results-oriented attention to injured areas of the body, as well as the supporting and opposing tissues. This focused system of bodywork, often accompanied by a physician’s prescription and a Get Well balloon, has been proven to relieve any number of symptoms, from back pain to decreased joint flexibility to stress.

Dee Wartenberg is a steadfast believer in the healing powers of medical massage, and she utilizes her skills and passion for healing during each session. She offers medical, sports, and trigger-point massage to alleviate clients’ suffering, but she doesn’t stop there. As a reiki master, Dee is also qualified to perform reiki treatments, and for those who are simply looking for a blissful, spa-like escape from general stress and tension, she happily doles out uplifting Swedish massages. Free-parking is available to all customers of Medical Therapeutic Massage.

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