Middle Road Inn

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1822 Middle Rd Glenshaw, PA 15116


When you step into Middle Road Inn, you can feel a homey, welcoming atmosphere lingering in the air from its history as both a family home and hotel. The 19th-century building was originally Andre's Silver Star Hotel, a place where people traveling by coach or steam-powered Segway to Pittsburgh would stop for a pub meal and lodging. Wilbert Blazek purchased the site from the Andre family in the mid 1970s, running the restaurant and bar and raising his children in what was previously the hotel area. The Ferragonio family then bought and renovated the space a decade later, adding a new dining room, a floor-to-ceiling stone fireplace, a deck for alfresco dining, and a game room. The current restaurant also owes its famous hand-breaded fish sandwich recipe to this era.

Photographs of the inn's early days hang on the walls, joining the hardwood ceilings in creating a nostalgic and inviting atmosphere. The food is no less comforting: a handmade pizza or a shredded-pot-roast sandwich covered in homemade gravy pair well with occasional live music. After the meal, guests can head to the game room for video games, pool, or darts and practice their Victorian quadrille moves on the dance floor.

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