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    94% Off Martial Arts Classes
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53 S Main St Alpharetta, GA 30009


A great martial artist must embody strength, endurance, flexibility, and mental discipline. That's why the instructors at 1144 Athletics turn to the combat art to form the core of their athletic training programs. They teach a variety of classes, from boxing to muay thai and Brazilian jiujitsu. Some of their classes prepare students for competitive fighting or handling real-world situations of violence—a major point in the women’s self-defense class—while others, such as cardio kickboxing, focus purely on fitness. The Tough Challenge tones and strengthens muscles using crunches, jumping jacks, push ups, and circuit training.

While they eschew traditional belt rankings in favor of purely skill-based teachings in most of their classes, their kids’ classes follow an achievement-based method of advancement. They use this strategy to reward positive attitudes and mental discipline, along with physical accomplishments such as shooting chi lasers from their hands.


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