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120 N Salem St Apex, NC 27502


At Flaunt Boutique and its sister store, Bad Poodle, ladies and girls of all ages can unleash their inner fashionistas. Playing ringleader is owner Jessica Lamarre, an image coach with more than 20 years of experience making women look and feel their best. Jessica travels and researches extensively to find budding fashion trends, which she brings back home so she and her crew can use fashion to encourage others to find their voice and move in the direction of their wildest dreams.

Jessica encourages ladies to play dress-up with unique garments procured from designers such as Desigual, Maxi, Cecico, and Jessica Simpson. Pieces range from casual tops and dresses for all occasions to furry boots, suede heels, and jewelry. At Flaunt Boutique, ladies can dress up during fun, store-sponsored adult events including tea parties. At little sister store Bad Poodle, kiddie birthday parties let little divas flaunt their fashions like a kitten with a new pair of mouse-fur socks.