Tropical Smoothie Cafe

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    Papa John's — Up to 55% Off Pizza
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    Papa John's – Up to 55% Off Pizza 
    Multiple Locations
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10 E College Ave Appleton, WI 54911


At each Tropical Smoothie Cafe location, healthy choices abound with drinks composed of fresh fruit and snacks loaded with veggies and premium meats and cheeses. The café’s colorful repertoire of smoothies runs the gamut from creamy, dessert-based indulgent creations to light and refreshing low-fat fruit options or frosty drinks boosted with supplements. Strawberries, bananas, and peaches mingle with exotic açaí and goji berries to form mouthwatering concoctions designed to deliver health-boosting antioxidants, essential nutrients and laser vision–inducing vitamins. Drinks pair with ciabatta and griddled flatbread during breakfast and lunch, as well as with made-to-order salads and a host of wraps and sandwiches.

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