Pure Bliss Natural Frozen Yogurt

3810 S Cooper St, Ste 148 Arlington, TX 76015


Pure Bliss Yogurt cools tongues and calms rumbling tummies with a selection of sweet snacks and natural frozen yogurt. With cup in hand, patrons choose from a rotating selection of fro-yo flavors that includes cookies 'n' cream, pumpkin, plain tart, and blissful blends of cherry and chocolate. Yogurt mountains are then customized at the topping bar, where 35+ options such as fresh fruit, gummy bears, and cookie dough await to lend an added crunch or pop of color to each frosty spoonful. For fans of un-chilly eats, the shop also curates a fresh collection of cake balls and cupcakes each day with flavors that can include german chocolate, italian crème, and yellow cake hailing from somewhere outside Sheboygan.

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