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10600 West 50th Avenue Wheat Ridge, CO 80033


Too many 60-hour workweeks is what prompted Robyn Morrisette to ditch the corporate world for the fitness world. After becoming an ISSA-certified personal trainer, a CrossFit Level 1 coach, and a certified Adventure Boot Camp coach, she ultimately started Front Range Boot Camp, "a women’s boot camp with heart." There, while being spurred on by Morrisette and the other exercisers, women can push, pull, run, climb, and jump their way to health and physical fitness, tracking their progress and becoming part of a fun community along the way.

The exercise program changes daily but always starts with a warm-up and ends with yoga. And it's not just about the exercise—participants can also expect nutritional guidance, fitness evaluations, body challenges, personal coaching, and free events intended to inspire a totally transformed lifestyle.

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