Asheville Hot Air Balloons

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901 Smoky Park Hwy Candler, NC 28715


According to many Asheville residents, the best place to propose marriage is about a mile above the trees, with mountains in the background and a good grip on the ring. Such engagement flights might even lead to a midair wedding party comprising four colorful balloons all tethered together as they ferry well-wishers through the clouds. When the baskets touch down, a traditional champagne toast pays homage to the journey and the bond shared by its passengers.

Asheville Hot Air Balloons' pilots also helm more casual sunrise flights seven days a week. Each expedition takes them over Pisgah National Forest according to the whims of the breeze and the severity of the moon's allergies. The wind's unpredictable path ensures that the last leg of the trip is always exhilarating—"chasers" must tail and land the balloon in the nearest suitable space by securing ropes thrown from its basket. Spring, summer, and fall flights all arrest riders with their own brands of scenery, from woodland greenery to fiery tableaus of autumn leaves.

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