Classic City Chem-Dry

182 Tawnyberry Dr Athens, GA 30606


In the early 1970s, Robert Harris was a law student with a penchant for chemistry experiments. While working as a carpet cleaner to pay his way through school, he began to research the chemical properties of cleaning products. A hands-on learner, Robert treated patches of soiled carpet with an array of chemical compounds, noting which ones most successfully erased dirt, stains, and middle-school yearbook photos. Before long, he'd invented his own formula, a carbonated solution free of harsh chemicals and toxic fumes. Impressed with its power to lift stains using minimal moisture, friends and family quickly spread the word about Chem-Dry, Robert's nascent carpet-cleaning business. Today, more than 4,000 Chem-Dry locations pepper the globe, removing mud, spilled drinks, and pet odors from carpets and upholstery. In addition to ousting grime, Chem-Dry's signature cleaning formula helps carpets resist filth in the future, which can prolong their lives and enhance their reputations. Expert technicians also sell deodorizers and spot removers, which keep carpets fresh between professional cleanings and blind dates with handsome dentists.

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