Honeysuckle Gelato

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781 Wheeler St NW Atlanta, GA 30318


The skilled scoopers at Honeysuckle Gelato pass overflowing cups of frozen artisan desserts through the window of their pale-blue treat truck, thrilling customers with southern-inspired flavors culled from local ingredients. Fresh milk from local farms forms the base of velvety treats with flavors such as Provencal lavender and Gallberry honey, traditionally spread across pillows to fend off nightmares. Other flavors include spicy chocolate and a cheesecake blend of locally crafted ricotta and mascarpone cheeses, optionally augmented with a drizzle of homemade caramel or jam. Those hoping to avoid milk mustaches or frozen milk fu manchus can opt for a sorbet such as the salted watermelon. Customers of the restored shaved-ice truck can mix two flavors in a regular cup ($3.50) or take home a hand-scooped pint ($7.50).

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