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    $26.20 $15 2.4 miles
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484 Moreland Ave NE Atlanta, GA 30307


Because pizza has no natural predator in the American ecosystem, the ones on Savage Pizza’s menu have been free to cross-breed with indigenous cuisines—leading to Savage Pizza's signature Cajun pizza (roasted chicken, shrimp, andouille sausage, red onions, green peppers, and three cheeses in a spicy red-pepper sauce, $17.25/12" medium) and Greek pizza (feta, artichoke hearts, Greek olives, red onion, fresh spinach, and two cheeses in a garlic tomato sauce, $14/12" medium). If the Mexican, Mai Pai, Bolognese, or Deluxe pies don't tickle your fancy until it presses charges for harassment, you can always build your own pizza ($10.25 for 12" with toppings from $1–$1.50 each) with the maniacal flair of one of the supervillains that adorn the pizzeria's comic book–lined walls.