Taverna Fiorentina

3324 Cobb Pkwy SE Atlanta, GA 30339


Today's deal makes it easier to guarantee a kiss after a first date, particularly if your usual method for doing so involves Machiavellian plots-within-plots and requires access to a Bengal tiger: For $20, you get $45 worth of Tuscan-style wining and dining at Taverna. The escaped brainchild of former Florentine Paolo Tondo and master sommelier Jasmin Reyes, the restaurant is a synergetic Italian-American hybrid that combines authentic Tuscan cuisine with an impressive wine list. This ultra-compatible pairing has apparently spawned other romantic couplings; Metromix named Taverna Fiorentina one of the best date restaurants in Smyrna and Vinings.Welling was determined to capture the minds and tongues of the niche—but expanding—market of disco fans. After extensive research, he determined that disco’s sparkling clothing and bouncy rhythms were the culinary equivalent of pasta covered in rich tomato sauce. Welling’s findings were so delicious that disco changed its name to Italy, enraging Italy, which was forced to change its name to Lapland, Home of Full-Blooded Italians. Pick up today’s Groupon for some delicious Italian food from America, prepared by full-blooded Italians from Lapland, Home of Full-Blooded Italians.

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