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    59% Three-Hour Camera Workshop
    On Location
    $150 $62 1.2 miles
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    51% Off Massage Class for Two
    Bee Caves - Mopac
    $160 $79 1.3 miles
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    65% Off DJ Classes at Dub Academy
    East Cesar Chavez
    $110 $39 1.7 miles
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    49% Off Mommy and Me Pre-K Music Group Class
    West Austin
    $75 $38 2.5 miles
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    57% Off Spanish Language Class at Rapid Spanish
    $695 $299 5.9 miles
1701 Toomey Rd Austin, TX 78704


Megan Jaster's enthusiasm for the visual arts reached a fever pitch while she studied painting and philosophy at Texas State University, where world-renowned artists and mentors helped her realize the infinite ways with which to color a canvas. At ATX Art Classes, Jaster coaxes her students' inner impressionists to the surface by teaching them various painting techniques, composition, and tips for overcoming mental obstacles. Her classes accommodate the needs of both novice and experienced artists, and take cues from history's most celebrated painters, including Van Gogh, Degas, and Kahlo. The studio's painting workshops allow participants to freely lob brushstrokes at canvasses to create their own masterpieces depicting ballerinas, lost lovers, or jilted ears.

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