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    44% Off Stretch Limo Rentals for Eight
    On Location
    $396 $220 0.6 miles
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    Up to 63% Off Party Bus Rental
    On Location
    $800 $299 0.9 miles
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    40% Off Car Care
    $10 $6 3.8 miles
800 W 5th St Austin, TX 78703


Members of car2go enjoy the freedom of transportation that comes with owning a car without the worries of keeping up its maintenance or discovering that it’s a robot in disguise. Participants can reserve a car ahead of time through the company’s website or snag an unreserved vehicle by swiping their membership card past the windshield to unlock it and punching in a PIN to start it up. All fuel, insurance, parking, and maintenance costs are included with each rental, allowing patrons hassle-free travel as they explore downtown or give their pet goldfish a tour of the suburbs. After zipping around town, members park in an open car2go spot and walk away, letting a team of cleaners and technicians take care of the rest.