Kerbey Lane Cafe

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2606 Guadalupe St Austin, TX 78705


Only steps from the University of Texas campus, a blue neon sign flashes the name of one of the city's most iconic diners: Kerbey Lane Cafe. The location on Guadalupe reflects the retro style and ethical consumerism of the neighborhood: Austinites can't get enough of their locally sourced, seasonal food and large range of comfort dishes, including vegan and vegetarian options, of course. They even compost! Kerbey Lane is known equally for their breakfast items and their Tex-Mex. Specialty pancakes, like seasonal lemon-glazed flapjacks, are not to be missed, and the gooey Kerbey Queso is a beloved late night snack. This UT-adjacent Kerbey Lane outpost is newly remodeled, with soothing birch walls and a gleaming breakfast counter, updating the 13-year old location for a new generation of diner food lovers.

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