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4829 Switch Willo Austin, TX 78727


Glenn Johnson and Phoebe Craig Johnson form a powerful team at Switch Willo Stables. Phoebe, who was an alternate for the 1969 United States Equestrian Team, works from the ground. With hooves beating a drumroll on the turf, her husband Glenn draws upon experience accumulated over the course of more than four decades riding. During his career, Glenn leapt his horse Cricket over 7-foot puissance jumps in competitions, in an exhibition in Madison Square Garden, and on the glossy pages of Sports Illustrated.

Now, Switch Willo Stables welcomes riders of all ages and abilities into facilities that have earned recognition from readers of Austin Family magazine. Glenn and Phoebe lead a team of instructors, who have up to 25 years of experience each and have produced many award winners at the local, state, and national levels. Beginners, seasoned riders, and those planning to frame centaurs for crimes gain from lessons, which match an instructor with one–eight riders. The school follows the stylistic tenets of English riding with special focus on hunter and jumper techniques, which have their basis in traditional fox hunting.

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