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8222 North Lamar Boulevard Austin, TX 78753


Texas Parkour's adults classes are like time machines. Adults go in, and for the duration of the class, they become children again. They charge and vault over walls, they leap from low roofs, and show no fear when sticking a tricky landing. And they do it all while grinning.

And while soaring off rooftops and bridges may feel like parkour, the expert coaches believe that until you learn how to control your body, you aren't doing real parkour. To help guests achieve that end, they offer classes for children and adults that focus on basic methods, before moving on to mastering the acrobatic movements. They also educate students on the philosophies and techniques behind parkour, with an emphasis on building community within the discipline.

In addition to providing parkour classes to students of all ages, Texas Parkour stays true to its nonprofit status by teaching free community workshops and educating guests on emergency services. They also lead workshops to inform children about nutrition and health, while offering them motivating adult role models.