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    44% Off Painting Party from Paint Nite
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1620 East Riverside Drive Austin, TX 78741


The artists at Wildcat Studios teach classes of six to eight students to manipulate digital images and snap lush outdoor portraits. During two-hour Photoshop fundamentals classes, budding digital artists learn to adjust color and contrast settings, correct red-eye, and smooth out skin tone in digital photographs on the studio's computer workstations. Instructors' step-by-step lessons also imbue pupils with the skills to automate repetitive tasks, as well as apply textural effects and edit parachute pants out of portraits of former presidents. In a three-hour outdoor portrait class, aspirant photographers hone shooting techniques in the wild, both with professional lighting and without any auxiliary equipment. Students also experiment with camera settings that best capture portraits of people and pets, enhance understanding of lens selection, and become familiar with depth of field. The studio provides lunch for all attendees, granting the perfect opportunity to take a candid photo of an apple in mortal danger.

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