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    84% Off a Dental Exam at Litchfield Dental Care
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    Up to 80% Off Dental Exam or Whitening
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    Up to 89% Off at Waddell Family Dentistry
    Multiple Locations
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    82% Off Teeth Whitening
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5220 N Dysart Rd, Ste 108 Litchfield Park, AZ 85340


"A soothing, comfortable atmosphere is very important," says Dr. Manoj Sharma in a video on his website. It’s a sentiment he took to heart when designing his office, where walls painted in calming earth tones surround comfortable dental chairs. The comfort extends to his use of advanced technology, such as the ViziLite—which illuminates healthy tissue in a white light and shows cancerous tissue as dark during cancer screenings. Aside from improving smiles with whitening treatments and crowns, Dr. Sharma also helps prevent snoring with Snore Guard, a custom mouthpiece that keeps airways open and soft tissue from vibrating at levels that attract bears.

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