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100 Holliday St. Baltimore, Maryland 21202


The sight of Empire Auto Detailers' white and orange vans rolling down the street strikes fear into the scratchy, whirring brushes of automatic car washes everywhere. The source of this dread is not the vans' self-sufficient supply of water and electricity, nor is it the onboard supplies and rain-shielding canopy; it is the technicians riding inside.

Empire Auto's dedicated detailing perform fully-loaded service packages that incorporate biodegradable carpet shampoos and steam cleaners, paint sealants that last from three months to one year, and waxes that leave cars with the sleek, wet look of a seal zooming down a Slip 'n' Slide. Ever ready to help autos in need, the technicians lend their careful hands to tint windows, install audio and alarm systems, and repair wheels and rims.

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