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    49% Off Three Pole Fitness Classes
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    82% Off Real Estate Prelicensing Program from REMPower
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Laser hair removal gets rid of pesky strands by targeting them at the follicle with two rhythmic handclaps and an intense burst of light. The beam heats the follicle to a controlled, sauna-like temperature, soothing the hair before it experiences a life review and a serene, fade-to-white farewell. Immediately following treatments, some clients may experience redness, but they will be professionally advised with a post-treatment skin-care plan to relieve whatever minor irritation may occur. Women can use today's Groupon to treat their underarms ($540/three sessions), bikini line ($607.50/three sessions), upper lip ($337.50/three sessions), or chin ($472.50/three sessions), and men can use it for their shoulders ($275 per session) or the nape or the front of their neck ($175 per session). As few as three to four sessions (spaced two to three months apart) are typically required to see permanent results, and customers can conveniently combine two Groupons for a total of six sessions.